October Product Update

Welcome to Q4! If your company is anything like ours, you have quarterly deliverables, no matter which department. We’ve had a busy Q3 behind the scenes with minimal public-facing changes, and now we’re ready to start releasing the work we’ve recently accomplished. Q4 is also really busy for us as we release a bunch of new phones, so keep an eye out for all these new capabilities.

Headless Testing

We’d like to introduce our newest offering, Headless Testing. Headless Testing helps developers validate their web application and website code earlier in the development process by running a lean environment with fewer variables that may cause your test to fail. It also helps shorten the time required to complete your entire browser test suite, freeing up time to increase test coverage or cross-browser coverage.

Beta users were reporting 33% faster speeds in running headless Chrome versus regular Chrome. To super-power the speed benefits, we have given all Unlimited 5 Parallel plans and higher 2 Headless Parallels per every regular parallel. If you’re on an Unlimited 5, this means you can run 5 cross-browser parallels at the same time as 10 Headless Parallels.  Looking for something custom? Reach out to our Solutions Advisors and they can help you out.

To get started, you just have to change your capabilities to point to our headless containers. You can read how to do this here.

Bonus: Headless browser testing usually doesn’t allow you to record videos, but ours does! Just make sure the capability for recording video is on.

Accept All Certs

In development and test environments, certificates may not be set up, which prevents some devices, specifically iPhones and iPads, from accessing those pages completely. We’ve enabled a functionality to easily Accept All Certs when you open a local connection on a real device or in the Enterprise Connection Manager. The functionality previously existed only for our regular local connection for desktops.

New Browsers and Operating Systems

We released Firefox 69, Opera 63, Chrome 77 on OSX and Windows.  We also released Chrome 77 on Pixel 3.

Bug of the Month

As part of capturing videos of tests, we have to upload them to the cloud so users can access these later. We had some failed uploads and we could not figure out why. As this code was old, we didn’t have good error-handling. We finally dug into this issue and determined that when we failed to get a thumbnail, we just threw away the video. We also added better error-handling.

In memory of Lori Fontenot.

We lost a former coworker recently. Lori was with CrossBrowserTesting for many years as one of the first employees. She was responsible for making sure phones were connected, browsers were updated, batteries were replaced, and training new support personnel. Lori sadly passed away in the last week of September. She will be missed.

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October Product Update