Carl Cox Buys Old Sankeys Club Ibiza

Like a spacecraft re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, radio silence has surrounded the Space Ibiza mission as it seeks out a new home on the island. Just as we started to look away from the skies despondently, the hope inside us drowning in a sea of greedy commercialism, a sonic boom sounds in the air and a light breaks through the grey clouds. For twenty seven years, Space Ibiza was the shuttle that transported us to another dimension, an oasis of Balearic freedom from the monotonous shackles of modern day life. Now, that mission has been recommissioned, with the latest rumour that Carl Cox has acquired ownership of the old Sankeys building in Playa den Bossa and is currently gathering a crew to launch a new chapter of the Space voyage.

In a recent interview with Mixmag Cox boldly stated ” If we get a licence, Space Ibiza is 100% coming back”. Since the closure of Space in 2016, he has consistently stated that Space has unfinished business with Ibiza and what he values most, is the legacy that he leaves behind on an island that right now, badly needs balance to be restored. It is also been noticeable this season, that Cox is doing more gigs on the island, possibly positioning himself on the big stages, to maximise the publicity around the relaunch of his Space project.  He is set to perform two shows at DC10, three at Ushuaia and four for Resistance at Privilege, alongside the parties he promotes at Sankeys. Make no mistake, Cox will be busy in Ibiza this summer.

The Lab room in Sankeys

The old club that was last Sankeys Ibiza, is owned by a local Spanish businessman. He has had an unfortunate run of problems, with a number of debts associated to the venue. It was impossible to trade profitably there, David Vincent did a remarkable job keeping the place afloat and at the same time introduced Solomun to the island. The only way the venue could work as a Club going forward, was for somebody to buy it outright with old  debts written off and a fresh energy brought to what is, a real underground club. The Sankeys brand is currently owned by the promoters who run Idol at Eden, so doubt surrounds its future and until Cox officially confirms what his plans are, we are only speculating as to what will happen there.

Importantly for Carl Cox, the club has a licence and with a few weeks refurbishment, would easily be ready to open this season. Cox would have no shortage of promoters and DJ’s wanting to work with him, especially in the spirit of old Ibiza where it was all about the music and not the money, a value that is in short supply these days.  While many of his contemporaries continue to take from the island, Cox is giving something back – one of the true signs of a person who is connected to the real spirit of Ibiza.  When true to the islands spirit, she will  provide and just when it seemed the Space dream was a distant star, an opportunity has presented itself and a new hope dawns in Ibiza.





Source: dannykayibiza

Carl Cox Buys Old Sankeys Club Ibiza