Best Shows in Vegas Right Now

Las Vegas is known for many things, its gambling, its vices, its beauty, its mayhem and of course its status as the capital of live entertainment. Entertainment exists all over this great city from street performers to hotel shows not to mention the legendary acts like Elvis, Tom Jones and the Rat Pack who have graced the stages of Las Vegas. If you visit Vegas then you simply must see a live show during your time there and if you do, these are the hottest shows to check out right now.

Blanc de Blanc

Some of the best shows which have ever been seen in Las Vegas are the cabaret shows and Blanc de Blanc is a modern variation on those classic performances. The show features burlesque dancers, high flying acrobats and a little bit of naughtiness all packed in to this eventful 2 hour show. Grab tickets to Blanc de Blanc ay Sahara Las Vegas and let it all hang out for a couple of hours of fun, frisk and good times.


The Cirque du Soleil company have really raised the bar in terms of what a live performance should be and each year they come up with new ideas and themes for their shows. The performance of LOVE is themed on the Beatles and their music and this uplifting show will leave a smile on your face for weeks. The songs are used perfectly and intertwined with sensational live performances and stunning gymnastics.


Originally intended as a one off performance in a  pop-up tent outside Caesar’s Palace, this show very quickly caught the public’s attention and it is now entering into its 13th year on the strip. The show is absolutely hilarious and features gymnastic feats and sideshow performers who will have you laughing off your seat. This is an intimate set up for a show which gets you close to the action, a performance which you cannot miss out on when you are in Vegas.


Over the years we have seen a great number of living legends take on residencies in many Vegas hotels, people like Elton John, Prince and Celine Dion who have lit up the night on 3 month long residencies. Currently the immaculate Cher is playing a nightly concert in Vegas and she is showing that she is just as relevant as she has always been. Amazing songs, great performances and more costume changes than you can count.

Penn & Teller

Magic has always been a popular attraction in Vegas and it is usually the entertaining Penn & Teller who have been spearheading it. Catch the magical duo as they perform death defying tricks, mind blowing illusions, carefully spliced with some good old fashioned humor and showmanship. These guys are the creme de la creme of the magic world and if you get the chance to see them during your time in Vegas, grab the opportunity with both hands.

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Best Shows in Vegas Right Now