Wedding Bar Ideas


When designing a wedding or party space, I suggest you put decor and budget into the focal points in the room that you want guests to gravitate towards. This could be a cake display, the dance floor, or even the bar! There are so many creative wedding bar ideas available to you to spruce up the station many of your guests plan to patron. If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding bars unique and different, consider these simple style choices for maximum impact.

Trailer Bars

Trailer bars are great for outdoor spaces. You can’t miss the station if you’re looking for a drink and they don’t need much more decor than the bar itself. For a throwback style celebration, consider companies like The Swig Rig to get your guests swigging your speciality libations in style.

Smoothie Bars

Not all bars have to serve alcohol. Smoothie bars, wellness bars, even popsicle bars are fun for outdoor cocktail hours, especially in the heat. You could even serve up wellness shots to help combat the other less healthy options guests may be partaking in.

Speciality Brand or Alcohol-Specific Bars

Lines are never fun at weddings. It’s important to have a good ratio of bars to guests (typically around one bar per 75 people). One way to keep the crowd flowing is to host specialty bars like a champagne station or a whiskey bar dedicated to just one specific type of beverage. This is a great way to get personal too if the couple has their specific favorites.

Self-Serve Bars

I like to pamper guests at a wedding so I’m not a big fan of making anyone work too hard. But sometimes a self-serve bar can be fun when themed with the event. Consider filling a canoe with cold canned and bottled beers and beverages if you’re hosting a lakeside rehearsal dinner. When there’s a more casual theme to the event, a matching bar can make it that much more memorable.

Cart Bars

Depending on your guest size, a roaming bar cart can be lots of fun. Your cocktail servers can offer speciality items while they circulate through the crowd. This can be done with a bit of DIY planning with your bar team or use a company like The Little Bar Cart. Just remember to host stationary bars as well to ensure easy access for all.

Floating Bars

Pool party? Drop a surfboard in the water and ask a waiter to pass through with beers and other easy to serve beverages. Your guests will love the extra special touch!

Beer Walls

This has been a growing trend for a while now so you may have seen a wall of beer taps before. Customize it to your decor, serve your favorite selections and let your guests pour accordingly.

How will you display your drinks on your big day?



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Wedding Bar Ideas