Holby City: Three years on

serena holby 53(Series 21, ep. 53 ‘Mothers and Their Daughters’ by Patrick Homes 31.12.19) Pop over to Metro for my review of this episode. But before you go…

– As I did in the previous lions and lambs episode, I found myself wondering which I am. I think I’m probably a lamb/shepherd hybrid, if that’s a thing.

– Cam is quite the centre of attention, isn’t he? It mainly is because there are no other males of an eligible age at that hospital.

– I liked the moody opening with Serena in the rain mangling a rose. When we saw at the end that she was standing in a graveyard – was that actually the Holby garden with added gravestones? Or a real graveyard with added Serena?

– All of this business about Max closing the YAU (it had to happen) and putting Darwin out to tender is clearly leading up to the return of Henrik Hanssen. The moral compass once again needs recalibrating and he’s the only man with the skills.

– Essie has lovely hair.

– Happy New Year!

Holby City: Three years on