Going Meatless for 20 Days | Day 1 of 20


I am so excited to be blogging consistently again for the next 20 days. I guess I need to live my life in challenges so I can keep having something to write about :P

First off, let me show you how fabulous Sam and I looked for New Year’s Eve!

We went to Sam & Casey’s (yes we are friends with a couple named Sam and Casey, you did not read that incorrectly) Roaring 20’s party and got to dress up super Gatsby status! I loooooove costume parties, so I went all out and got an entirely new dress, heels, gloves, pearls, a faux fur shawl, and flapper headband. And Sam wore his coat tails for the occasion.

To get my look, I watched Michelle Phan’s 20s makeup tutorial and for my faux bob, I watched Elanna Pecherle’s hair tutorial. I must say, YouTube tutorials rock!!! I never really ever followed a makeup tutorial until I had to do my “Top 100 influencer” makeup, and that really got me to believe in makeup tutorials! Haha. I know. I know. I am soooo late in the game. But I am here now!!!

Just some friends having a good time :) This makes me wonder what I should do for my bday! Jan 16 is coming up in a couple weeks…should I have a lil shindiggity? I don’t wanna really plan my own party but then again, I kinda do!!?? Ugh. Should I have a party or keep it small? Contemplating.

Next, I wanna say that your enthusiasm for the #2020challenge has been lighting up my life!!! I love seeing your check-ins on Instagram!

If you guys want me to be your accountability partner for the #2020challenge, I will gladly do that! Just text me at 510-692-4556 (US and Canada only) and I will remind you for the next 18 days what moves you have to do for the day.

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Plus I’ll send you pics of what I am eating on my 20 day meatless journey to help inspire your culinary adventure!

Why am I going on a meatless journey?

I watched a documentary called The Game Changers on Netflix and it talked about how plant based athletes have improved performance. It was incredibly well done. As weird as I feel saying this, it inspired me to test out my own meatless challenge to see if my fitness performance would improve. I say I feel weird because I didn’t actually do my own fact checking on the studies presented to me – which I usually do.

There’s been a lot of heated debate over how certain facts were ridiculously cherry picked to prove their point, which is never good because I’m juts ingesting propaganda. I also read that James Cameron (Director of Titanic, Avatar etc.) is an executive producer for The Game Changers and that he has invested “…$140 million in plant-based proteins, including a company that produces pea protein, a key ingredient in Beyond Meat, which is in short supply right now.” – Medium

But I will say is this – personally, I think fruits and veggies are the gems of the earth – nutritionally dense and so healthy. I also think if we can try to eat less meat and still thrive, then we should. Do I think everyone should be vegan? No. Do I think everyone should be a carnivore? No. I think everyone needs to eat what’s right for their bodies, and that we should stop shoving ideologies down each other’s throats.

With that said, I will eventually dig into some fact checking over the documentary! But either way, I am happy it inspired me to go meatless because I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now! And to be clear, I am not going vegan because I tried that for about 6 months once and lost a lot of muscle, bruised constantly, and felt fatigued. So this time around, I’ll be testing out a grain free, dairy free vegetarian diet for 20 days to see how I feel!

Day 1 Food Log:

Mango with sweet, salty, and spicy dip. After coming back from Vietnam and Thailand, I became obsessed with dipping my fruit in a mixture of chili, salt, and sugar – something that Vietnamese and Thai people did for all sorts of fruit! Absolutely geniuus. It elevates the flavors so much! But I wanted to make my own healthy version as soon as I got home. So I mixed 0 calorie monk fruit sugar with Tajin and guys, IT IS BOMB!!! Absolute perfection! You’ll need to test your own monk fruit to Tajin ratios (you can start with 1:1), but seriously, omg, so good. TRY IT.

To celebrate day 1 our meatless journey, Sam and I went out to a vegan restaurant called Follow Your Heart with a few friends! Here’s what we had!

Vegan mac n cheese as an appetizer. I think the cheese was made of cashew nuts and nutritional yeast. No, not low carb – hard to do low carb vegan out at a restaurant – but fun to try!

Vegan nachos as an appetizer. So good. I’m not sure what the sour cream was made of, but it tasted fantastic!

Squash soup. Meh, it was ok. Needed more flavor.

My main dish. Ugh I made a terrible mistake. I tried to go low carb vegan and totally hated my meal! It was supposed to be zucchini noodle spaghetti but I ended up with like no zucchini spirals, a ton of bland kale, a ton of bland broccoli, a ton of beans (not a fan of beans), and marinara sauce that was pretty disappointing. I’m the type of person who needs A LOT of flavor and also I need a protein of some sort to make my meal not feel like a side. Good thing the mac n cheese and the nachos already filled me up!

Some green grapes for dessert! So good!

Okay you guys, well that is day 1 of my meatless journey! Day 2 will be some home cookin’ which I am excited for. Should I show you what Sam is eating as well? He’s doing regular vegetarian and I am doing grain free, dairy free vegetarian. Maybe showing you both our meals will help you and your significant other embark on a meatless challenge of your own! I told Sam…”Hey if for some reason it gets hard while we’re vegetarian, you can always order a Domino’s cheese pizza ok?” I think that made him say yes to my challenge :P

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Going Meatless for 20 Days | Day 1 of 20