Teresa Giudice And Boyfriend Luis Ruelas Bought A $3.3 Million House Together In New Jersey

Teresa Guidice and Boyfriend Louis Ruelas Bought A House Together In New Jersey

Teresa Guidice has been through it. In the last five years she went to jail for a crime her husband committed, then had to raise four children alone while said husband served his own time. I won’t say his name because he deserves zero publicity and certainly not a reality series. That man also likely cheated on Tre and called her awful names. Then, in 2017, shortly after Teresa served time, her mom passed away. Her father, maker of delicious Italian dinners, soon followed in 2020.

Finally, the tables are flipping and Tre appears to be living her best life again. Season 11 of Real Housewives of New Jersey premiers tomorrow. Take a moment to think about this – has anyone ever said Tre should leave to make the show better? I really don’t think so, but I’m sure you’ll remind me in the comments! Point being, Tre is the essence of RHONJ. It looks like we’ll be seeing a whole new side of her since she traded up for a new man, Luis “Louie” Ruelas. Tre says he was sent by her parents (I believe it too), and now the couple has more news.

TMZ reports that Teresa and Luis just bought a house together in New Jersey. A “source close to Teresa” tells TMZ that “Luis invests in real estate, and the couple’s latest venture is an extension of that.” Apparently, “Luis plunked down the cash for the home,” and Teresa “will likely act as the property manager.”

The house “is 7,728 square feet with 7 bedrooms plus a library, theater, gym, 6-car garage and a pool decked out with waterfalls, a slide and a cabana.” This sounds like something Teresa would be into. It’s also three houses down from the house Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga just sold.


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It’s “unclear if they plan to move in at some point” or if the couple is trying to flip the house. It seems soon to move into one big house together, but then again, maybe Teresa has a good feeling about Louie. If they are flipping the house, let’s hope it goes better than this. The home set Louie back $3,350,000 and the mansion Tre shared with her ex-husband is still on the market.


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Teresa Giudice And Boyfriend Luis Ruelas Bought A $3.3 Million House Together In New Jersey