R O M E | I T A L Y

ROME! Oh my goodness, Rome. Where to begin when you've traveled to Italy for 3 weeks, haven't visited your little blog space in 5 months, your son is 7 months old and you're just trying to spend as many precious moments with him as you can!?

Traveling across Italy with my family was beyond special. We started in Rome via a direct flight on Norwegian Air. Camden did great on his first flight!

We bought him his own seat and carried on his (TSA approved, UPPAbaby Mesa) carseat. We gate checked the stroller. For take off and landing I was told by the flight attendent he needed to be on my lap (however, this was not the case on the flight home, same airline.) They give you a baby seat belt that attaches to yours - it's the orange belt in the photo below. He was a happy camper at take off and landing; no issues, no tears, just a snoozin bubba.

To spend all this time together unemcumbered by the rituals of work and daycare, to absorb leusirely moments at the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Campo di Fiori, Piazza Navona, the Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican! Of course, there is so much more to Italy's capital city than the glorious list of major attractions. Rome was about meandering under a warm Italian sky, eating [plates overflowing with fresh burrata], and drinking [bright orange Aperol Spritzes] our way through the uber charming streets of our home base neighborhood Trastevere, and across the river in Testaccio, while embracing Camden at a happy and playful 6 months of age. Fully immeresed in the joy he brings to us and others was the best part of our time, the reason for it all! 

We truly L O V E D this city. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into Rome with The Luiso Family....(part 1)

The crowds at the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are simply nuts! Popular city spaces like these really pack everyone into a single more confined area. Letting the beauty sink in, just taking a moment to tune everyone else out, to be awestruk and gain an appreciation for the grandness and intricacy of the artwork and sculptures....the massive polished steps, the thundering fountain...

The beauty of Rome is also in discovering the lesser known city spaces like the Galleria Sciarra - a short walk from the Trevi Fountain at Piazza dell'Oratorio. The painted frescoes in this towering open courtyard are stunning. The equally quiet and breathtaking streets that wind around Trevi / Via Del Corso area are definitley worth exploring.

The Pantheon is remarkable. It is honestly brillant, magnificent and larger than I ever pictured. I remember Camden was napping peacefully when we arrived and I was thinking he'd miss it because we wouldn't be here too long. No matter when that seemed to be the case, he had a sense about him to wake up and take it all in. Of course, those memories won't stand the test of time, but to see him enjoying himself as he looks to take in his new surroundings is a wonderful thing. 

We had a great lunch at Tagliere Toscano on the outskirts of Piazza Navona. This place is a hidden gem with daily not-listed-on-the-blackboard sandwich specials. Thinly sliced whisps of Mortadella with balsamico and arugula + thick cut steamy Panchetta with pesto, burratta + tomato were both so, so good; washed down with a crisp white wine.

Piazza Navona area strolling...

This was just our first day in Rome. We were here for five. I didn't initially plan a post per day but it might just work out that way....

R O M E | I T A L Y