Tincture Takeaways

Sunday morning — time to catch up on any of last week’s Tincture articles, as well as a few non-Tincture stories that founder Jordan Shlain and editor Kim Bellard thought you should also see.

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Tincture Takeaways

The patient, or the chart? Edwin Leap.MD: Remember That Patient You Saw

Consumers are getting digital health. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: Open Table for Health?

What if we didn’t need health insurance? Kim Bellard: The End of Health Insurance

Innovators versus implementers. Praveen Tipirneni: Tension Between Drug Discovery and Development Is Inevitable

Sometimes, you have to treat more than the patient. Anne Reijns: A Challenged Healthcare System: The Mothers’ Perspective

Jordan’s Takeaways

Yup. Can’t bill an insurance company for a walk. Pharma loves the short cut. A 30-minute walk may reduce blood pressure by as much as medication

I would like to see food companies take the Hippocratic Oath. They are killing us nice and slow. Do food and menu nutrition labels influence consumer or industry behavior?

Another brick in our wall of understanding many medical conditions. Masterswitch discovered in bodies’ immune system.

Ovarian Cancer survival rates can be predicted 4x better with AI. Artificial intelligence can predict survival of ovarian cancer patients

Kim’s Takeaways

Hmm, that sounds like good news… M&A no longer health systems’ top growth strategy

Wait, what was that about hospitals’ M&A? Hospitals now employ more than 40% of physicians, analysis finds

Gosh, maybe we should pay them more. US patients live longer in areas with more primary care doctors, study finds

You mean my middle school gym teacher was right? How Many Push-Ups Can You Do? It May Be a Good Predictor of Heart Health

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Tincture Takeaways