4-9-20 Thursday

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Queen Isabella has a moment to herself.

Diego REALLY likes that little pink chair.

Carmelita in the sun. Such a pretty girl!

And in the pink chair. Maybe I should have a whole row of those little pink chairs. I’m SURE it’d be no problem to get a kitten in each chair, all looking my way, right?

Smilin’ Alejandro.

Pablo’s not sure what he thinks about this donut situation.

He likes the pink chair, though.

Also a fan of climbing the front of the couch.

Lest you’ve forgotten that it’s Thlurrrpsday, rest assured that Pablo has not forgotten.

In fact he’s thuper thlurrrpy today.

Alejandro showing off his curly chest furs.


Khal on his beloved track toy.


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4-9-20 Thursday