Things I am doing inside these cold days.

 Besides books and movies and painting pictures on canvas,  I am making some cloth dolls with  my friend Elaine,   based on a sculpt I did in 1990.  Everything circles back around it seems.  
All those years ago, I sculpted a mold for a doll head.  I made only six doll by it and it has been under my bed in a box ever since.   Out of the blue, Elaine has offered to make some molded cloth heads from that mold for us to share and I am to paint many of them.   Elaine will paint some also as she is a great doll maker.  
Here are the first four of the heads I am working with.

    Dolls 3 and 4 sitting in Elaine's green pitchers as their Gesso coat dries.

 Dolls 1 and 2 as I begin them

 The red haired boy is number 1.

 Sitting by his sister that I made in 1990.

 Dolls 1 and 2 drying in crocks in my kitchen

 Hair on doll 3
 Here is a little boy's tunic, well worn, civil war time or close.  I will make him some britches to wear with, but in truth the toddler who wore this would not have had britches so young.  There are six different kinds of buttons down the back!  It is a shame the old calico facings do not show when it is on the boy doll.

These new dolls are a long way from done with arms and legs and more, but the personality is there.   Doll 3 below drying in my kitchen tonight.

 Number four is just started, I will get hair on him tomorrow, another red haired boy.
Rather than start another post soon, I may just add to this one along as more dolls develop in this project.    e

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Things I am doing inside these cold days.