20 Best Cymbal Stand Reviews 2019

Best Cymbal Stands

Best Cymbal Stands

Cymbal is a percussion instrument that is played as part of a drum set. Cymbals are made from metal sheets to give unique sounds when played with drums in a set. Playing cymbal requires the use of a cymbal stand which holds it in position and perfect place for the drummer to beat it with the drum sticks. The use of cymbal stands started many decades before now and though there have been some changes and improvements with the design, its function of holding up the cymbals remains the same.

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What is the Best Cymbal Stand to Buy?

2) Griffin 2 Pack of Cymbal Stand

  • Ultimate Portability
  • Slip Resistant Cymbal Positioning
  • Adjustable Heights

1) PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 800 Series

  • Premium Sturdily & Flexibility
  • Large Diameter Tubing
  • Over-sized Rubber Feet

3) PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 700 Series

  • High Reliability & Adjustability
  • Double Braced Legs with Big Rubber Feet
  • Lightweight

There are various kinds of stands for cymbals with some being made to function for a particular type of cymbals. There are very important factors to consider when buying a cymbal stand and you must be informed of them all if you want to purchase the perfect stand or holder.

In this article, I will state and explain the various factors to consider as a buying guide when approaching any store to shop for a cymbal stand.

1. Choose based on Purpose

There are various kinds of cymbal stands and as such buyers have the freedom to choose from the available types. Hi-hat cymbal stands, Straight stands, and Boom Stands are common types, but you must choose based on your purpose of buying a stand. If you love the clapping sounds of two opposite cymbals, then a Hi-hat type is perfect while for drummers that require lightweight stands that are compact, and the one can be carried easily for various events will love a straight stand.

2. Cymbal Size and Weight

Cymbals are made in various sizes and weight and as such, the stand on which each cymbal will be must be a suitable and compatible one. Ask and be sure the cymbal stand you are buying is supportive of your cymbal size and weight.

3. Warranty and Support

There are some brands and manufacturers of cymbal stands that offer exciting after-sale service which include support to help each buyer get his or her way around the installation of the stand to the provision of warranty. This is an addition and if you find a product with a warranty, you should consider it as a protection in case you run into problems operating your cymbal stand.

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20 Best Cymbal Stand Reviews

1. PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 800 Series

This is a very nice and functional stand made to hold, keep and make the cymbal accessible to the drum player to beat and make a memorable sound. This 800 series cymbal stand is made of steel and coated with a durable varnish. It comes with a unique rubber material that holds the cymbal and tripod leg which are all anchored along their length to the feet that are covered with oversize rubber material to ensure that the stand can move on the floor without causing any form of scratches.

The stand has good support and can withstand the cymbal and the impact of drum sticks that beat it. This product is a medium-sized stand for cymbals to offer flexibility, strength, and efficiency.

2. Griffin 2 Pack of Cymbal Stand

This product is made by the Griffin brand of musical instrument that comes a pack of two stands with each having double-braced legs that ensure rigidity and support needed to withstand the weight of the hanging cymbal and the effect of a drum stick hitting the cymbals. The stands are made of lightweight steel material. The 18 inches crash cymbals are very compatible while the counterweight feature offers safe and secure protection for standard and heavy cymbals.

This product accommodates drum players of varying heights with its height adjustment while the memory lock saves the precious lock details for future use. There is a one year warranty on every purchase offered by Griffin and with the amazing features and this could be the best cymbal for you.

3. PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 700 Series

This is another cymbal stand from the Pacific brand of musical instruments and just as many of the other series, this product features a nice foot pedal with which a drum player can position his feet and control the cymbal movement atop the stand. The cymbal stand comes as a compact, sturdy and well-supported instrument with great stability to hold the cymbal even as it releases thrilling sounds with the continuous beating of the drummer.

The three legs are braced and covered with rubber materials so as to prevent floor scratching and damage while the height adjustment is effective to enable players of all heights. This product is made of steel and can be folded and collapsed into one portable piece that can be transported anywhere due to its lightweight of about 1 pound.

4. Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand CS-755

This is a product from a popular and famous musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha. It features a single but very dependable set of legs which work effectively to hold the cymbals into a position that it is easy for the drummer to reach with the sticks to produce or generate a unique percussion.

This Yamaha CS-755 stand is well designed to feature a hideaway boom arm that has a rubber material holding and cushioning the cymbal against wear and scratches while the legs are also covered with rubber. This product is of lightweight of about 2 pounds and as such it is easy to pack and transport for events, concerts, and outings. It offers a massive 5 year warranty for all buyers.

5. Yamaha CS-665A Cymbal Stand

This is a product that is made by a popular and illustrious musical instrument brand, Yamaha. It is a cymbal stand of compact design, braced legs for dependable, reliable and sustainable support for the hanging cymbals, hideaway boom arm that is functional and aids drummers to play well and a smooth body surface which is due to the fine varnish covering the steel material.

This cymbal stand is lightweight with about 8 pounds weight and this ensures the comfortable movement and transport of this stand for several and different events and concerts. It also has anti-slip material on each of the legs. This Yamaha model, however, comes with a 5 year warranty on every purchase and this is big merit to every buyer.

6. Pearl BC830 Cymbal Stand

If you want and need a Cymbal stand that has a great collection of amazing and exciting features that make it all easy to set up and assemble, disassemble and lock the cymbal effectively to prevent fall, damage or disappointment when the play is on, then you may need to consider this product from pearl brand of musical instrument.

This Pearl cymbal stand product offers a uni-luck for improved locking for the protection of the cymbal as well as nylon bushing joints. The double-braced legs are made very strong to hold ground while the players beat on the cymbals. The best feature for this product is the lifetime warranty and support that it gives to every buyer on purchase.

7. PDP BY DW PDCS700 Cymbal Stand

This is yet another nice cymbal stand made by the PDP BY DW brand of musical instruments. It is a straight stand with three legs which are all double braced and well fitted with a rubber material at the feet to disallow scratching of the floor. It is a good choice for drummers who are just beginning and even for intermediates to develop and develop better playing skills.

This cymbal stand is made of steel material which is however heavy with about 6 pounds weight but comes with effective adjustability and strength in holding the cymbal safely. This stand also offers good accessibility to drummers to reach and beat the cymbals to produce melodious splashy sounds. This stand has no warranty on purchase by manufacturer and buyers just note this.

8. Union DCS-416 Cymbal Stand

There is an urge to stand to play and drumming right after sighting a cymbal stand and with this kind of quality stand, you have all in control for a memorable and scintillating play and music. This product is manufactured by Union brand which is popular in the United States for a performance test. The double-braced legs are dependably able to provide support on the ground while the feet are cushioned with a rubber material.

There are knobs on the sliver vanish off the surface of the stand which can adjust the height and make playing and us at accessible to players of any height. This stand is very light in weight as it is about half of an ounce, therefore, making it so easy to carry around for events and musical concerts.

9. Mapex B200RB Cymbal Stand

This is a very useful and functional type of cymbal stand made by the Mapex brand of musical instruments. It is a well-constructed stand made of steel material and coated with the Mapex mirror chrome finish. This unique chrome finish ensures a shiny, smooth and attractive look and appearance.

The legs are tripod and double-braced to provide the most effective and trusted support and anchorage which makes it very convenient to play the cymbals and produce sound well desired at various events, concerts, musical shows and in studios. This cymbal stand is considerably heavy with a weight of about 5 pounds and as such, transporting it requires the use of the vehicle.

10. Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand

This is a product manufactured by a musical instrument hardware brand known for quality. It is a cymbal stand made from steel and coated with an attractive and shiny chrome finish. This product comes with an innovative and unique G-style pedal board design for better effectiveness. It has three legs that are designed to hold up the weight of the cymbal and the impact of the sticks used to beat it.

The feet are padded with rubber material even as the upper part of the stand is also cushioned with nylon material to prevent friction that may cause scratches and damage when the metal comes in contact with another metal. This Gibraltar product also has a hinged height adjustment that ensures drum players of any height can play and enjoy the thrilling sound of the cymbal.

11. Yamaha CS-3 Aluminum Cymbal Stand

This is another kind of cymbal stand from the Yamaha brand and it is made with high quality, durable and lightweight aluminum. The legs are of tripod type and are designed to have a bracing that helps it provide maximum support and agility. This cymbal stand is of height and has the innovative micro wing nut design on the side working to improve the various functions.

The feet of the three legs are well enveloped with a rubber material which makes it impossible to slip, cause scratches on the floor and damage the cymbals hanging on the stand. It is of just 3.3 lbs. in weight and this means it can still be moved and carried for concerts and events.

12. Pearl BC930 Cymbal Stand

This is a very effective and nice stand for cymbals. Made by the Pearl brand, it has a lot of features that every drummer wants to see and relish in every event and concert. This product is a tripod legged type with each leg double-braced to reliably offer the rigidity and agility that is needed to hold the whole stand and the hanging cymbal in place. This stand also features a chrome finish that is responsible for the smooth and shiny appearance of the outer surface that bears a plastic wing nut and a plastic cymbal cup.

Further, this cymbal stand offers an amazing opportunity that drummers can tilt the cymbal and adjust the direction with the uni-lock. This feature provides drummers with options as regards the direction and position best needed to produce the perfect sound. The major drawback is the heavyweight of this product and as such makes it difficult to transport it to most places without a vehicle.

13. Drum Workshop Inc Retro Flat Base Cymbal Stand

This is a completely wonderful piece of cymbal stand made by Drum Workshop Inc. It is a stand that is very compact, foldable and very sturdy on the ground. It has a flat base which is due to the large angle between the three legs to guarantee better and much more dependable stability on the ground.

The legs are covered with anti-slip material so that the stand does not move away as the cymbals are being hit by sticks. The new glide tilters help to adjust the position of the cymbal stand to the drum set. This is the perfect stand for cymbals and the 3.35 pounds weight makes it easy to have this stand function at every concert and carnivals.

14. DW DWCP3700 Boom Cymbal Stand

This is a cymbal stand made by the DW brand of musical instruments. It offers nice features which add up to make it an exceptional stand at any concert and musical events. It features a wing nut and a nice fine-tooth filter on the shiny and smooth surface of chrome-coated steel material, a 1 inch braced tripod legs and an anti-slip material that allows it hold the ground firmly.

Drummers can be sure of having the same height adjustment settings as the previous one with the creative hinged memory locks feature even as such settings can be changed and adjusted effortlessly. It has an efficient tubbing but a weight of about 9 pounds signals a weighty stand that is not easy to carry often.

15. Pearl Straight C830 Cymbal Stand

This is another cymbal stand from the Pearl brand and it is a product that has most of what drummers and players desire and seek for in a stand. It comes as double-braced tripod legs with the liberty to position the legs at choice angles. The feet are enveloped with vinyl materials acting as anti-slip while the body of the stand bears a uni-lock for improved position adjustment, steel washer, wig nut, a nylon bushing joints to disallow friction, scratches and crack formation.

The weight of the stand is light and can be easily and conveniently transported for concerts, shows, events and many more places where a drum set is desired and needed. The best offer for this product is the lifetime warranty on every purchase and buyers should note it.

16. Gibraltar Boom 5709 Cymbal Stand

This is a cymbal stand that can offer drummers a 2-way hideaway boom easily while keeping, holding and positioning the cymbal at a desired angle to the drummer. This product is made by Gibraltar and it is a medium height stand with casted assembly, double-braced tripod legs and a rubber that is round and effective in preventing movement as the cymbals are being hit.

The legs are sturdy enough that it can comfortably carry the weight of the cymbal with the constant effect of playing it. The major drawback is the heavyweight of about 7 pounds which shows the cymbal is best for the church, studios and music classes as it is difficult to carry out often for events.

17. Mapex C200RB Cymbal Stand

This is a very effective cymbal stand that is manufactured by the Mapex brand of musical instruments. it is made of steel and coated with a chrome finish to offer a stunning and attractive look and appearance. It has three legs with of them fully covered by an anti-slip material to disallow undue movement when the cymbals vibrate.

The legs are double braced to provide guaranteed stability and support while the whole stand is compact and portable to be conveniently transported even as its weight of 4 pounds is light. The upper part of this cymbal stand has a cushioned material that is able to protect and prevent the possible metal to metal friction and cracks.

18. Gibraltar 5710 Stand for Cymbal

This is another very efficient and functional cymbal stand from a famous musical instrument hardware brand, Gibraltar. It features a cast height assembly. It also comes with an anti-slide or anti-slip rubber material to prevent irregular and unwanted movement as the cymbals vibrate under the pressure of drum sticks.

The hideaway boom feature is a 2-way dimensional and as such can help the drummer reach the cymbal easily and without stress. The tripod legs are double braced and as such offer the expected support and anchorage. It is a medium weight type that should support average weighted cymbals. It is compact as well and can be transported with vehicles for various concerts and events.

19. Kuyal Foldable Cymbal Stand

This is a typically essential kind of cymbal stand which is compact and foldable. It is a product from the Kuyal brand of musical instruments and provides exciting features for drummers. This product is made from zinc alloy which is fully polished to ensure durability, provide a pretty look and shiny appearance. The tripod legs are double braced to give support and strength while it also comes with a control pedal.

This cymbal stand is very easy and convenient to assemble, fold together into a portable piece and transport. The anti-slip material ensures the stand remains even as the cymbals vibrate and provide its characteristic sound while the height of the stand can be adjusted for drummers. It is difficult to lose and this is the major drawback that buyers must be aware of.

20. Kuyal Straight Cymbal Stand

This is another foldable and portable stand or holder for percussion cymbals from Kuyal brand of musical instrument. This product is of tripod legs with each having a fitted and functional anti-slip material that prevents floor scratching. It is also suitable, appropriate and compatible with cymbal sizes of 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.

The height adjustment feature is based on the two interlocking poles and it assures a height adjustment from 29 inches to 52 inches. It is easy to assemble, fold and disassemble while the weight of 5 pounds is averagely comfortable to transport and move around with for concerts, events, musical shows and outings, carnivals and many more.

Choosing the Best Cymbal Stand

In conclusion, the various factors that have been well explained and elucidated above are quite necessary to consider as a buyer shopping for a cymbal stand on both offline and online stores. Buyers must, however, ask around for reviews about the cymbal stand they plan to buy so as to increase their confidence, trust and also help with understanding the operation better. Asking for a good review from professional drummers and in a gathering of drummers will help while reading through online store reviews may come handy too.

2) Griffin 2 Pack of Cymbal Stand

  • Ultimate Portability
  • Slip Resistant Cymbal Positioning
  • Adjustable Heights

1) PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 800 Series

  • Premium Sturdily & Flexibility
  • Large Diameter Tubing
  • Over-sized Rubber Feet

3) PDP BY DW Cymbal Stand 700 Series

  • High Reliability & Adjustability
  • Double Braced Legs with Big Rubber Feet
  • Lightweight

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