April 2020 Goals

Monthly goal setting used to be one of my favorite things.  I loved reflecting on the past month and setting new goals for the month ahead.  I got away from goal setting because I always felt robbed of time.  I would start the month with exciting goals and plans, but could never seem to find the time to achieve what I wanted.  Or I would forget about my goals and plans by the middle of the months because I’d lose focus.

Now, more than ever, I have the time.  I also need to channel my energy into goals that bring me joy, give me purpose, and encourage the hard work I’m putting in.  Am I looking to take on new projects and tasks this month? NO WAY!  Am I looking to take care of myself, at a baseline level? You bet!

We are under a “Stay-at-Home” order in Maryland for the indefinite future. The way it’s looking, we’ll be home all of April, so I’m creating this goal/things to do list through that lens.


April Goals/Things I’d Like to Do

-Take the kids to throw rocks into the lake on sunny days
-Use creativity to break up monotonous days
-Find special things to do on weekends to differentiate the days for the kids
-Plan out Easter weekend and fun things we can do around the house

-Make an inventory of foods in our pantry, fridge, and freezers
-Create meal ideas for different foods
-Create a weekly cleaning schedule to break up the chores
-Ideally, make the kids do all the chores (just kidding. Not really.)
-Rework my work schedule now that we’ve gotten into a groove with the kids

-Continue to take spin classes a few times a week at home
-Take yoga or meditation classes on the Peloton app to de-stress with my sister
-Continue to go on walks around the neighborhood and lake as much as possible

Self Care
-Open the windows on sunny days
-Continue to try different hairstyles
-Continue to put on make-up
-Blog for me
-Play lots of Mario (buy Mario Party)

TV Shows
-Westworld season 2 (and 3 if I get there)
-Ozark season 1 (and 2 and 3 – lets be real)
-Current season of Survivor
-MAYBE Tiger King
-Also looking forward to watching Onward on Disney Plus and renting the new Trolls movie this month!

Monthly Goals By Year

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April 2020 Goals