Whimsical Design Celebrates Champaign-Urbana on T-Shirts, Totes

 University of Illinois merchandise can be found all over the community. But clothing or other items that celebrate Champaign-Urbana have historically been few and far between, until recently.

The ChambanaProud.com store has posted a new design that will fit this bill. A whimsical representation of the community, from Champaign to the University of Illinois campus to Urbana, it highlights various landmarks, businesses and institutions.

The graphic is now available in both a t-shirt ($15) and a canvas tote bag ($20). And those purchased before August 31 will have the ancillary benefit of supporting our community’s relief efforts to assist those most in need.

From now through August 31, 2020, $5 from each sale of this new design will go towards the Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund. The Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund was established in March 2020 to quickly respond to community needs, but has now shifted its focus towards long-term recovery efforts. It is administered by the United Way and the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois. (Find more info here: https://www.uwayhelps.org/COVID19)

champaign urbana tote and tshirt design chambanaproud

(Unfortunately, one of the featured locations is the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, which announced its closing in June; this design and merchandise was well in process long before the pandemic hit.)

The t-shirts are available in a traditional cut as well as a women’s cut. Shop online at www.chambanaproud.com/shop. (Our tip: buy this now as a holiday gift for friends/family – make your to-do list a little shorter, and help the community in the process. It’s a win-win.)

The design was created by local artist David Michael Moore.

If Moore’s name isn’t familiar, his work might be. One of his more public and familiar designs is the large, colorful “Outside of Ordinary” mural in downtown Champaign.

If t-shirts and totes aren’t your jam, we hear that the design will be made available as a print, somewhere in the near future – so stay tuned for more merch options with the same design.

Chambanaproud.com is a partnership between the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation and Visit Champaign County folks, who aim to foster more community pride through the eyes of local artists. Previous designs celebrate innovation in the community, and feature inventions such as super sweet corn and the graphical web browser.

Those are still available for purchase.

For more info about the campaign and its artist, visit www.chambanaproud.com.

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Whimsical Design Celebrates Champaign-Urbana on T-Shirts, Totes