Untitled Drawing on Toned Paper

Artist: Jason Terracina, United States
Artist Statement: For this particular sketch of @jesstoofresh_ I drew the sketch on the Nova Series beige sketchbook 5½ x 8½. I used a Kuretake brush pen for the line work, Posca and Molotow markers for the color. Given the beige tone of the paper I was able to use it as a mid-tone for the piece, the markers as highlights, and the brush pen for shadow. The heavy weight of the paper allows you to use just about any marker, whether it be a paint marker or a watery Copic, and it won’t loose its integrity. The grain and fibers of the paper enables you to create gradients with a brush pen that gives it a dry brush look at the same time absorbing a heavy amount of ink in the spots you want your blackest blacks. I’ve found this Nova Series beige paper so versatile to work with that I’ve decided to draw a whole children’s book on the 8×10 size sketchbook.

MEDIA: Ink and markers
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Beige – Medium Grain Finish

Jason Terracina is a United States artist who would like you to vote. He is open for illustration and portrait commissions. You can also purchase any piece of original work or prints on his Instagram. Jason can be reached at:
Email: jterrrra@gmail.com
Instagram: @terrrrabite
Twitter: @terrrrabite

Stillman & Birn does not recommend the use of alcohol-based markers, such as Copic markers, on Nova Series paper without a protective barrier sheet under the work surface.


Untitled Drawing on Toned Paper