Arizona Anomalies

Wednesday, July 31st at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT – Alien Highway; on the Travel Channel.

A recent UFO sighting in Phoenix leads Chuck and the team to Sedona, Arizona, where these kinds of incidents occur on a nightly basis. They investigate whether the area’s powerful energy vortexes are acting as portals for otherworldly visitors.

Sedona, Arizona
Chuck Zukowski finishing an early morning hike up a mountain.
Dan Zukowski enjoying the landscape.
Heather Taddy caught in exploration mode.
Action! Daniel Zukowski doing some on-camera interviews.
Too many directions of beautiful landscape in Sedona. Dan Zukowski and Mitch Marcus saving memories.
Alien Highway Field Crew standing in a Vortex area.
Front row starting from left:
David Mendoza, Ray Frizzell, Heather Taddy, Tara Price,
Neil Fernandez
Back row starting from left: David Shearer, Jason Auerbach, James Brantley, Daniel Zukowski, Mitch Marcus, Dough Segal, Chuck Zukowski

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Arizona Anomalies