Customizable Name Practice Activities

What’s in a name?

The very first word children desire to read and write is the one that is the most important to them – their own name!  These printable name practice activities are geared especially for little learners to do just that.

Easy to Customize

Teachers often don’t have much time. These name practice activities are easy to customize – just type in your class list and hit print!  The pages will update to each child and in minutes you’ll have an entire literacy activity at your fingertips.

There are 9 different options for learning activities so it’s easy to help keep things fresh by changing out the pages throughout the school year! The pages are all in black and white to save your printer ink, and no custom fonts are needed.

Sounds great, but how do I use these?

Each page has four different activities to help guide a student into independently reading and writing the letters in their name, using skills already learned in the classroom such as coloring, letter identification, tracing, and more!

Need more help?  Check out the video demonstrating the activity.

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But wait, some of my students can already read and write their name?

Every preschool student has one word that is the most important to them – their own name.  Even if they are masters of reading and writing it, they can still benefit from the variety of skills presented in the activities.  Tracing, coloring, stamping, and clapping out syllables are useful pre-reading and fine motor skills, and personalizing it with their name makes a student more eager to practice!

Looking for more ways to teach children their names?

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Customizable Name Practice Activities