STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS Season 1 Heads to Blu-ray on May 18, Plus Special Steelbook Packaging Edition

Good news from the USS Cerritos, everyone: the complete first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks is heading to Blu-ray and DVD in just a few months!

Announced today, Star Trek: Lower Decks — Season One is set to head to Blu-ray on May 18, bringing the freshman year of the animated series home in a two-disc collection set to include all ten episodes along with a number of behind-the-scenes bonus features.

The original animated comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks: Season One beams onto Blu-ray, DVD and limited edition steelbook on May 18 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.

The must-have collection is packed with hours of exclusive special features, the highlight of which is “Lower Decktionary,” a multi-part exploration of the series’ music, art design, animation process and more. Plus, the collection features exclusive interviews with the voice cast, deleted and extended scenes, and a fan-forward exploration of the series’ many Easter eggs.

In addition to the standard Blu-ray and DVD set, there will be — following in the tradition of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard — a special Steelbook release of the Blu-ray edition, featuring custom artwork in the metal packaging.

Here’s the full breakdown of all the features in the upcoming release:

  • CRISIS POINT: THE RISE OF VINDICTA TRAILER – An exclusive, over-the-top action trailer based on the in-episode movie from “Crisis Point.”
  • FACES OF THE FLEET – A deep dive into the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos, alongside producers, writers and the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Highlighting character backstories and the behind-the-scenes development of their hilarious on-screen personalities, this exclusive featurette takes a look at Ensigns Beckett Mariner, Ensign Brad Boimler, Ensign Samanthan Rutherford, Ensign D’Vana Tendi and more.
  • HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT – An inside look at canon and hidden Easter eggs throughout the series, including freeze frame images and insightful commentary from producers, creatives and cast.
    • JOINING STARFLEET (Episode 101) – Producers and crew discuss the development of season one from storyline to visual artistry.
    • ALIENS AMONG US (Episode 102) – Dives into the different aliens Ensigns Brad Boimler and Beckett Mariner encounter as they escort K’orin to the Tulgana 4 planet.
    • THE ANIMATION PROCESS (Episode 103) – A look at the efficiency and creativity needed to put together an episode of Lower Decks in this other-worldly look at the animation process.
    • THE MAIN TITLES (Episode 104) – Immersed in the creation of the episode’s title sequence, the featurette explores the graphic design and thematic music developed for Lower Decks.
    • ART DESIGN (Episode 105) – A look at characters’ style and the sets that elevate the animated on-screen adventures of the U.S.S. Cerritos.
    • THE HOLODECK (Episode 106) – Including interviews with cast and creatives, the featurette highlights what Holodeck experience they would like, how characters use it, and how it’s not only used for skills training, but sanity
    • DIVISION 14 (Episode 107) – Not everything goes right for Starfleet – catch up with Division 14 who is tasked with dealing with all the unexpected mishaps.
    • DECK DYNAMICS (Episode 108) – A dive into the upper and lower deck dynamics, and how their comedic interactions contribute to the storyline throughout season one.
    • THE MUSIC OF LOWER DECKS (Episode 109) – Star Trek music is iconic. Explore how traditional themes have been integrated into Lower Decks and the episode’s in-story movie in this deep dive into the differences of scoring for animation versus live action, and comedy versus drama.
    • ALL IN THE FAMILY (Episode 110) – As the debut comes to a close, fans can take a look at evolution of the crew and their relationships over the last year, and how Lower Decks fits into the Star Trek family as a few legacy characters appear.

You can preorder Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season One on Blu-ray today, or preorder the special Blu-ray Steelbook edition if that’s your preference.

Watch for our review of this new release closer to its debut in May — and let us know in the comments below if you plan to pick up Star Trek: Lower Decks for your own media collection!

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STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS Season 1 Heads to Blu-ray on May 18, Plus Special Steelbook Packaging Edition