3 Tips To Spice Up Your Company Halloween Party

Halloween isn’t just for candy anymore…
it’s for team building!

Here are 6 tips to throw the best company Halloween party that incorporates it all!

1. Plan the Activity

Give your team something to do! It’s always considerate to give people enough time to plan for a party! So start planning early and figure out what type of activity your team can focus on. It can be a game, a competition, or something humorous!

Whether it’s creating your own attire, escaping a virus, or pumpkin racing, you want maximum team involvement that will BOO-st their Halloween Spirit! Once you’ve decided on the details, send out a text or email invitation to get a headcount. Check out some free invites here.

Dress up – Great teamwork never goes out of style

Corporate Project Runway is a fun, creative team building event that generates maximum team involvement and absolutely hilarious team drama & theatrics!
Decide your theme, and strut your stuff and get ready for an event you’ll never forget.

Outbreak with TeamBonding / Catalyst


It’s up to your team to discover the vaccine and save the world! They must work quickly. In the room, a screen displays a live image of the virus under a high-powered microscope. Can they discover the vaccine before the synthetic virus mutates, and the infection spreads?

Pumpkin Races

Make your own pumpkin racer and feel the thrill for what promises to be the most fun and unusual Halloween event your team has ever experienced! Let your imagination run wild with design and decoration. Who will be the Grand Champion?

2. Creepy Treats 🦇

Did you say monster cookies?
It’s a thing.

Make sure you have plenty of creepy treats and candy platters. You have all the themed recipes you could ever need on Pinterest. You can even make it a Halloween food contest!
Check out more clever ideas here.


3. Halloween Decor

Nothing says Halloween like some festive decor.
Don’t forget to decorate your office with pumpkins galore!

Top decor you can’t forget:

• Pumpkins
• Ghosts
• Bats
• Spider webs
• Gravestones

Pro tip: The more glow, the better!
(Possibilities are endless with flameless candles!)


No matter what you end up planning, these quick tips will be sure to get your team in the spirit!
So turn on the tunes, add some PUNCH to your punch, and get the party started!

Happy Halloween!


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3 Tips To Spice Up Your Company Halloween Party