A Quick & Easy Sewing Project

how to sew an oven glove

If you’re anything like me, home cooking has suddenly become a THING – even if it wasn’t before.

With that, came a realisation that my oven glove wasn’t that great. But here I was, a Sewist who:

  • wanted to sew
  • without being challenged
  • had a stash
  • had time

So, off I went! I delved into my stash for:

I immediately had the opportunity to make something quick and easy, that even involved a touch of hand sewing!

sewing binding fabric

  • I cut out 22 x 22 cm squares of fabric, one of wadding, two of cotton.
  • I curved the corners.
  • I quilted the three fabrics together, using a 38 mm distance between each line of stitching.
  • I machine sewed the binding to one side of the fabric.
  • Pressed over the binding and hand sewed from the other side.
  • A press, and then done!

hand stitching

All I need to do now is … cook something!

I hope you’re all staying well and sane. Don’t worry if you can neither sew, nor cook. Lying on the sofa is you winning at life, right now.

how to sew an oven glove

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A Quick & Easy Sewing Project