Moore: DK Metcalf has surpassed Tyler Lockett as Seahawks’ No. 1 WR

I probably get caught up in stuff that doesn’t really matter, such as wondering if Marco Gonzales would be a middle-of-the-rotation starter on another team even if he’s the ace with the Mariners. Crazy, I know, considering the season Gonzales had this year. Along those same lines, I wonder if DK Metcalf has overtaken Tyler Lockett as the Seahawks’ No. 1 receiver.

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And when I think about that, I wonder how Lockett feels about all of the attention and most of the targets going to Metcalf in the last three games.

I started thinking about these things when I heard Russell Wilson say last week that Metcalf “is the best in the word at what he does.” First off, I remember Chris Jericho saying the same thing about himself when I used to watch WWE, and I always got a kick out of that.

Secondly, I wondered if Lockett heard that comment and thought: “Hey, man, what about me? Don’t forget about me!”

I don’t think Wilson will, and in fact, Lockett had a big reception in the Seahawks’ game-winning drive against the Vikings. But that catch was not even close to the highlight-grabbing Metcalf receptions on fourth down, including the touchdown that gave the Seahawks a 27-26 victory last Sunday.

In the first three games Lockett averaged 9.7 targets, eight receptions and 86 yards while producing four touchdowns, three against the Cowboys. In his last three games, Lockett’s averages have dropped to 4.5 targets, three receptions, 41.5 yards and no touchdowns. He didn’t make his first reception against the Vikings until the second half, a strange occurrence for a supposed No. 1 receiver.

I get the impression that it doesn’t matter to him if Metcalf is getting so much national attention. Every time you turn around someone is comparing Metcalf to legends like Jerry Rice, which is what Pete Carroll did. And Jamal Adams tweeted that he’s the present-day Megatron, likening Metcalf to former Lions great Calvin Johnson. His numbers compare favorably to Hall of Famers through the first 21 games.

Lockett seems like the kind of guy who puts team success ahead of his own, and he’s still way ahead of Metcalf in target-to-catch ratio, making him a more reliable receiver until Metcalf shows otherwise.

Maybe it’s too early to make this statement, but I remember a time during Wilson’s first season when I thought I’d seen enough to say he was the best quarterback in franchise history. And in one of those rare times in my sports radio career I was right. (This post would be much longer if I detailed the times that I wasn’t.)

I do think it’s far too early to say that Metcalf has overtaken Steve Largent as the best receiver in franchise history, but it’s time to say he’s moved ahead of Lockett as the Seahawks’ No. 1 receiver.

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Moore: DK Metcalf has surpassed Tyler Lockett as Seahawks’ No. 1 WR