Android 10 now available on Google Pixel phones & a few others

Android 10 now availabe

As of this week Google is pushing out the final version of Android 10 (no more beta testing!!) to its Pixel smartphones. And along for the ride are a few other mobile devices: Essential Phone, Redmi K20 Pro, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro (the last two are still in beta though).

What is new in Android 10

So, what is new in Android 10 one might ask. Well, Google says its main focus was on privacy, security and well-being of its users (almost 50 new features that give users stronger protection, more transparency and control over the OS and their data), but there is also support for emerging devices with 5G technology and foldable body and screen.

Right of the bat you’ll notice a slight change in the overall user interface of the operating system. There is a Dark theme in place for you to activate if the Light version hurts your eyes and you also want to save some battery on an OLED panel-based device, you can now opt for square, rounded corners or three other type of icons by default. You can change the subtle colour of your default theme to give your phone a touch of colour.

The new gesture based navigation system is awesome, but if you dont like that you can always easily switch to a classic on-screen software button layout.

There is a new and better way to interact with our notifications whether it is on the lockscreen or in the notifications shade, and so much more that you’ll have to find out and experience for yourself.

Android 10 main features:

  • Dark theme – Android 10 adds a system-wide dark theme that’s ideal for low light and helps save battery. You can build a custom dark theme for your app or let the system create one dynamically from your current theme. See the developer guide for details.
  • Foldables – Building on robust multi-window support, Android 10 extends multitasking across app windows and provides screen continuity to maintain your app state as the device folds or unfolds. For details on how to optimize your apps for foldables, see the developer guide.
  • Gesture navigation – Android 10 introduces a fully gesture navigation mode that eliminates the navigation bar area and allows apps to use the full screen to deliver richer, more immersive experiences. Get started optimizing your app today.
  • 5G networks promise to deliver consistently faster speeds and lower latency, and Android 10 adds platform support for 5G and extends existing APIs to help you take advantage of these enhancements. You can use connectivity APIs to detect if the device has a high bandwidth connection and check whether the connection is metered. With these, your apps and games can tailor rich, immersive experiences to users over 5G.
  • Live Caption automatically captions media playing on users’ devices, from videos to podcasts and audio messages, across any app. The ML speech models run right on the phone, and no audio stream ever leaves the device. For developers, Live Caption is optional, but expands the audience for your apps and games by making your content more accessible with a single tap. Live Caption is coming to Pixel devices this fall, and we’re working closely with our partners to launch it broadly on devices running Android 10.
  • Smart Reply in notifications – Android 10 uses on-device ML to suggest contextual actions in notifications, such as smart replies for messages or opening a map for an address in the notification. We’ve built this feature with user privacy in mind, keeping the ML processing completely on the device. Your apps can take advantage of this feature right away, or you can opt-out if you’d rather generate your own suggestions.

For an in-depth guide on what’s new in Android 10 check Android Developers blog page.

If you are looking to download and manually flash Android 10 on your Pixel device (all three generation Pixels are compatibile with the latest OS version), then head over to Google’s Android images page.

You can also get the latest Android Emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android Studio. To test it on more Treble-compliant devices, Generic System Images (GSI) the images are available here.

The Android 10 source is available here.


Source: pocketdroid

Android 10 now available on Google Pixel phones & a few others