Forget the traditions and make sure that whom ever is given the task of speaking at your wedding, speaks from the heart.   Today the Speechy wordsmiths are sharing their bride speech tips for success but they are great pieces of advice for anyone charged with speech giving!  Accompanied by some gorgeous Bijou Brides who gave speeches at their weddings.

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Here’s the thing. Words are one of the best ways to decorate a wedding. They have the power to move people, make them laugh and get them talking. They touch people, they unite people, they get people in the right mood to party. They can sum up a lifetime of love in a couple of sentences and they can make people wee their knickers if you get the timing right. In essence, a wedding speech can add a pretty awesome moment to your day. And, yes, even if you’re the one delivering it. In fact, when we delivered our bride speech, we found it much more emotional and joyous than when our partner delivered their speech. (Just don’t tell them that). So here’s our guide to rocking the mic…

Admittedly it is nice surprising your partner with a speech on the day but it’s easier for everyone involved if they know.  That way you can divvy up the thank you’s in advance and you don’t run the risk of needlessly repeating the same thing.
You don’t have to tell them exactly what you’re going to say but talking about your speeches in advance lets you stake your claim on the best anecdotes. You don’t want to be left with the speech-scraps! In terms of speech running order, opt to go first (if you can). That way you can relax and actually listen to the other speeches while you merrily down the Champers.

Next on our bride speech tips run down is that your speech should not be more romantic or less humorous than your other half’s.  You can make it cute and loving, you can even shed a few tears towards the end, but make sure you’re funny and self-depreciating too – especially at the start. No one is expecting you to do stand-up but try to get a laugh in within the first few lines and everyone will feel more relaxed. You included.  Obviously avoid ‘wedding gags’ or anything generic you find on Google. Instead look at the comedy in your relationship. Laugh about your differences or point out your regular ‘debates’. It might seem counter-intuitive to include that sort of thing in a wedding speech, but that actually helps show you love the reality of your relationship rather than presenting an idealized version of it!

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Don’t refer to your partner as your ‘soulmate’ or ‘best friend’. It may be true but these terms have been overused to the point of them being meaningless these days.
The trick is to prove, don’t tell. Don’t just say they are caring, tell us about that time last week when they picked you up from the train station at 3am when no Uber would respond. Don’t just say they are funny, tell us about their amazingly accurate impersonation of Taylor Swift. You get the idea…

Rather than a collection of random anecdotes and a few thank yous, your speech should tell a
story. Despite needing different elements, creating a theme is a key component of every great speech. An example would be if a teacher spoke about all the different lessons her husband had taught her over the years – the good, the bad, and the ability to yell every football chant at the local derby. A natural flow will be generated from the speech and your guests will be latching onto every word from the beginning, up until the almighty climax.

Emotions would have risen throughout the ceremony, the glasses of cava will be flowing and then, it’s time for your speech. Don’t be afraid to use notes as your brain will no doubt be scrambled from the eventful day. Certainly, try to memorise the speech so you’re familiar with it, but no one’s going to judge you for having the security of a few cue cards. You don’t want to forget about thanking the in-laws!  Our advice is use A4 paper (definitely don’t read from your phone!) but only print half way down
the page so you can maintain eye contact with guests.

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Believe it or not, you’re meant to enjoy yourself at your wedding so just let loose with it. Talk slower than what feels natural so that the guests can take it all in and be sure to leave a few pauses for laughter. Check the acoustic of the venue and get a mic if need be. So many potentially great speeches are ruined simply because the guests can’t hear them. Lastly, remember to smile. It’s scientifically proven to be infectious and those scientists know what they’re on about.

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