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details of Hadrian's Gate, erected in AD 113-118, Ephesus,Turkey, ancient Greek city also known as an important center of early Christianity. One of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world

Something happened in the last week with the energies. Leading up to the full moon and my being on-call, the energies were dense, heavy, and oppressive, filling me with dread. By Friday, things were noticeably better.

There had been rumor that the 5G system had been put online. Whatever it was, the energies are lighter and more hopeful. This I know because my own workload hasn't changed. It's increased. I didn't enjoy it but I was able to carry on, which ordinarily under heavy dense energies I could not.

Yesterday at home I had a to-do list that would make you cry. At least if you are like me and you hate paperwork. But I was productive!  I finally went through and completed my CME (continuing medical education) from Hawaii's conference I attended in the fall. Then I went online and completed my reappointment application -- needing to make new passwords and to enter information of peer references and my PPD (tuberculosis test) results. 

On Friday we had a department meeting at SIX a.m.! Yes, six in the morning! 

Today I will face a project that's been sitting on the kitchen table since December, again, more paperwork. 

I get so tired of working at desks and computers. I seek more joy!

The most joyful thing I have is a text from a colleague telling me that the complication from two weeks ago is healed, and since I prayed to Archangel Raphael and to Jesus to help spare this patient any more suffering one week ago, I'm extremely grateful for the news.

Here is the new Gaia Portal:

Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos. I really admire the work of some new YouTubers to me. I'm not going to post links. If you ever want to see what I've been watching you may go to my channel, 77Picklehead, and see. The footage that surprised me was how Joan Rivers spoke out about someone in the White House being a tranny, that 'everyone knows that'--two weeks before she died.  And there were some slip ups in speeches that made what Joan had disclosed appear to be true.

Another one who I recommend is Anneke Lucas.  Anything with her talking in it is going to really open your eyes.

What I'd like to close with is this excerpt from This Department of Justice Manual from the early 1990's

criminal statistics prove the sad fact that sexual crimes of allclassifications are increasing in our modern civilization. Thisis particularly noticeable in sex offenses against children.
All sex crimes are the result of degeneracy in some form oranother. All types of sex offenders are potential threats to thehappy and peaceful existence of children. Many sex offenderscommit their crimes exclusively upon children and babies of tender age. Science states that it is a sad fact of human life""hen certain individuals reach a stage of sexual inability, theyturn to their own sex or to children for sexual gratification.
W.hen a person or a child is subjected to the indignities of thea\ots of degenerates, he or she will never forget the terribleo:t'deal they have suffered. In all cases of this type, the person or ~hild is harmed physically; and in many cases, the victim'smind is affected. Attacks of degenerates upon children oftenresult in that child becoming a degenerate.
This is a Law Enforcement problem; therefore, all Law Enforcement Officers should be familiar with the different types of degeneracy ~)o they may be able ,to associate the type of criminal with the of1!ense committed and to properly charge and prosecute the criminal in an intelligent manner.
with this in mind, I have put together several pages of occult material including such areas as The Witches Runes, The Sabbats, Hieroglyphic Alphabet, and witch Glyphs.
This information may serve as a resource file for any LawEnforcement department, investigating such crimes suspected of having cult/satanic influence. In many instances, "strange" and"unusual" s'jIl\bols are left at the crime scene, or transmitted through various writings which the investigator does not know or understand, and so often these symbols are disreg~rded, and ordiscount~d as non-essential and inmaterial to the case at hand.These cult symbols, runes, and hieroglyphics will assist theserious investigator to gain ability and to correctly understand
and recognize this new and serious crime explosion.
In the event your Law Enforcement agency would like to have additional information, or would like for me to conduct atraining seminar on the occult subject, please contact me directby writing or calling:
Gayland Hurst, Sc.D., Ph.D. #8 Woodwind
Little Rock, AR 72204 (501) 223-2241 (home) (501) 682-644' (office)

Truth is what the survivors say. It's what Kerth, Anneke, the girl from Australia who had her daughter Alex when she was eleven...share. It's the same story, again and again and again, from all over the world, from people who never met or would know one another.

The narrative would tell you otherwise:

These are lies.  Candy-coated, easy to swallow lies, but ones that take the right of the victim to have a happy life and throw it out the window.

Know which one is truth and what isn't.

Know it in your heart, and don't let anyone convince you of something otherwise.

I wanted to share some real-life examples of corruption before I go. Someone I know, an ICU physician, disclosed to me he works for himself because the people in the former group take money, skimming it from the top. I shared how my own anesthesia group has the same thing, and there was a lawsuit about it. Then for the baseball team for my son, the dads were talking about the local baseball and sports programs in the high schools. If the parent's don't pay, the kids don't get to play unless they are total 'superstars'. Furthermore, people in Anthony's age group don't have hardly enough boys to make teams--because the parents are paying through the nose with the other boys to be on the travel teams. A TRAVEL team (Anthony was on one for basketball, I have a friend whose daughter is on one for volleyball) is where the parents pay the coach to run the team and enter the team in competitions. I was paying almost four hundred dollars every quarter. The volleyball one pays more. The 'attraction' is that these travel teams feed into the high school teams, and then the child may get a scholarship to play the sport in college. It's all a racket, one big racket. All this greed...As a Light Worker you might only be looking at the tippy top of the greed pyramid with TWDNHOBIAH. But try to notice the 'looking the other way' and 'acceptance of the way the world works' that's right around you. See it for what it is, don't contribute to it if possible, and just let your conscience do what it's supposed to do in these situations.

We are at countdown number 113.

This is getting exciting!

Ross has been with me, and supporting me through these long hard days. He smiles and waves, and he points to his wrist for the bracelets he gave you for his birthday. He hopes it brings you a smile.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins
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