Your Name in Lights: Share Your Identity Story at Oktane22

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At Okta, our work is driven by collaboration, whether we’re helping a 100-year-old company secure a hybrid environment, launching a new provisioning feature inspired by customer feedback, or supporting a non-profit with budget-friendly pricing. Every step we take is informed by the stories you­—our customers—share with us. 

Oktane is a chance for us to showcase those stories—and all the challenges, discoveries, and triumphs that go with them. It’s an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices, celebrate new products and innovations, and network with technology experts and business leaders on the cutting edge of workforce and customer identity access management. 

Oktane22: Live and (hopefully) in-person!

After two years of virtual Oktane conferences, we’re thrilled to share that Oktane22 is planned to be an in-person event! Even though digital technology is our specialty, the benefits of meeting in the same physical space are undeniable. From April 20-22, 2022, we’re planning to gather in Las Vegas, Nevada, to do just that (as long as it’s safe to do so, of course).* 

A lot has happened over the last couple of years, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to. From now until November 10, 2021, we’ll be searching for innovative and inspirational speakers for more than 80 breakout sessions. If you’re an Okta customer who can share an actionable learning or best practice, a unique Okta use case, or concrete metrics that demonstrate the success you’re driving within your organization, we want to hear from you. 

If your pitch is accepted, you’ll get plenty of support to prepare for your session. In addition to a free conference pass and hotel stays, you’ll also enjoy exclusive perks and networking opportunities, plus the opportunity to learn from experienced speaking coaches. 

David Snyder, Senior Identity Architect and USA TODAY Network, a part of Gannett Companies, has spoken at Oktane twice, once in person and once virtually. On his experiences as an Oktane presenter, he said, “As a speaker at Oktane, the team was helpful in making sure I felt prepared for my sessions. Last year, speaking at a virtual Oktane gave me a lot more flexibility, and can help speakers who may not have as much public speaking experience. However, I think the thing that I'm most looking forward to at Oktane22 is finally being back in person, and just the energy of the entire experience.” Interested yet? 

What’s your story?

At Oktane, some things never change—you can always count on illuminating panels, great networking opportunities, and fabulous keynotes, for starters. But it’s important to keep those conversations fresh, relevant, and focused on the topics that are important to you

If you’re interested in submitting a speaker application, have a look at the list below and ask yourself: what can I contribute to the conversation? 

  • Cloud Access: The pace of change is blistering! Ready or not, the global pandemic accelerated your company’s digital transformation. With rising expectations from employees and customers, businesses must future-proof solutions to boost productivity, business agility, and security. This track will showcase how thousands of customers are accessing applications and infrastructure safely with Okta, and using it as the foundation for building innovative digital experiences that boost productivity and the pace of business.
  • Digital Customer Experience: Building seamless customer experiences is hard, especially those that impress today's digital customer and drive growth—without sacrificing security. As digital experiences improve in our personal lives, our expectations for how workplace technology should perform follows suit. Organizations today are investing in delivering seamless, intuitive, and secure digital experiences for business customers and partners. Learn how Okta’s and Auth0’s Customer Identity solutions will help organizations accelerate growth and innovation with modern customer experiences while meeting the scale, security, trust, and integration requirements critical to digital transformations.
  • Digital Trust: Trust is at the center of every customer experience. It impacts where people shop, engage with users and store their most sensitive personal data. Today, digital trust is one of the foundational currencies of online businesses. When trust is lost due to security events, it impacts organizations in profound ways, including customer retention and brand damage. In this track we’ll look into security threats that impact digital trust, touching upon attack methods, application security weaknesses, and a look at how Okta’s and Auth0’s identity and access management products can be the foundation for building trust with your consumers. 
  • Developer: We help developers secure their apps, APIs, and infrastructure so that they can spend less time on auth and more time on building amazing apps. We want developers to join us at Oktane22 to help build the future of Identity. Let’s celebrate developers around the world while learning how identity empowers builders of all kinds to innovate. 
  • Future of Identity: Consider this track as your Identity oracle. In these sessions, we’ll bring in thought leaders from around the industry to answer far-reaching questions such as, what’s next for identity? What new business and market trends as well as IT and technology trends should I be following/know more about? 
  • Hybrid IT: Reality check: Hybrid IT is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s expanding, as companies move more apps and workloads to the cloud while keeping mission-critical systems on-premises. This track will cover how our customers are using Identity as the backbone of a cohesive hybrid IT strategy to secure apps and infrastructure, modernize legacy tech, and deliver a seamless user experience across cloud and on-prem.
  • Identity Governance: The Identity Governance problem is evolving. The tools we use to address it are not. This track will dive into the ever-growing forces demanding us to reimagine a modern approach to Identity Governance and Administration; as well as Okta’s vision for bringing it to life. From automating provisioning and certifications to enabling cohesive workflows and actions across resources, we are taking a fresh look at the problem to help you start clean, simplify unnecessarily complex processes, and keep your business compliant and secure. 
  • Power of the Platform: Platform: one of tech’s favorite buzzwords. In this track, we’ll turn this buzzword on its head and get down to the heart of what a unified identity platform can deliver for your business. We’ll explore how you can leverage Okta and Auth0’s platform capabilities – from Workflows and Actions, to our joint broad integration ecosystems, to our robust APIs. We’ll  solve a range of identity use-cases for everyone’s builder/developer/integrator approach. Come for the buzz, stay for the impact!
  • Zero Trust Security: Never trust, always verify: easier said than done. In this track, we’ll unpack how to go from zero to Zero Trust with identity as your foundation. We’ll highlight organizations on the leading edge of Zero Trust, team up with our amazing security partners to help you build your own modern security architecture, and provide a sneak peek into what’s coming up next on the identity security roadmap. And, in the meantime, keeping an eye out for possible phish...

Let’s celebrate our accomplishments

The last few years have resulted in exciting and rapid technological developments. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished under challenging conditions, and we know you are too. Oktane22 is a perfect opportunity to show off your vision and tenacity—and celebrate all the incredible identity and access management solutions we’ve implemented together.

Want to share your Okta story at Oktane22? Please respond to our Call for Speakers by Monday, November 10, 2021, at 11:59pm PST.  

*As of now, if you are selected to speak, your session will be presented live between Wednesday, April 20, and Friday, April 22 in Las Vegas. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they come up. 

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Sameera Kelkar

Customer Marketing Specialist

As a part of Okta’s Customer Marketing team, Sameera is passionate about telling customer stories that highlight innovative approaches to technology and identity. She enjoys working with customers to find the best ways to share their experiences and accomplishments. 

Prior to Okta, Sameera worked in customer marketing at Sage Intacct. She graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., before returning to California. Sameera enjoys running, hiking, reading, and exploring new places.

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Your Name in Lights: Share Your Identity Story at Oktane22