Trek Dirt Series

(Photos by: Sean St Denis

I’m pretty lucky to be able to have world class experiences as part of my work. I thrive on adventure travel that involves meeting new quality people, exploring a new place and learning new skills. The Trek Dirt Series camp in Whistler was all that and more. I’ve never been more stoked on mountain biking!

Big group of passionate mountain bikers!

Keep Learning

I learned so much at the Trek Dirt Series two day Whistler, BC camp. I think the crazy cold, wet and foggy conditions just accelerated the learning that much more. I’m a pretty intermediate mountain biker at best, but was impressed with the level of riding I was able to accomplish by the end of the camp. I was actually put into one of the most advanced class groups at the camp, and managed to hold my own in that group of die hard riders.

Read more about the camp and the skills I picked up in the article I wrote for Gear Junkie: Trek ‘Dirt Series’ Camp: 5 Mountain Bike Skill Revelations

Ready for battle on the mountain! The Trek Slash 9.7 is a quality all mountain steed.
Focused on learning!

Spills & Thrills

I did of course eat it hard once, but such is riding some of the gnarliest terrain on offer at the Whistler Bike Park. My big crash occurred on one of the largest and longest rock features in Whistler, but somehow I tumbled down the mountain and picked myself up relatively unscathed. I also had some interesting landings off some small and huge jumps, but was always able to collect myself without coming off the bike.

This is about a milli-second before my back tire swapped with the front at mach speed and I ate it hard. Somehow both the bike and I came out unscathed.
Yes, I landed this on the bike. One day I’ll learn how to get my feet to stay on the pedals better while in the air!


Besides riding some of the super technical double-black tech trails at Whistler my group also finished the weekend off with two laps down the most famous bike trail in the world, A-Line. A-Line is “only” rated as a black-diamond freestyle trail, but I assure you it is big and challenging! I’m happy I was able to ride the whole thing, and even clear a handful of jumps. I’ll be back to get more of this awesome trail next time!

Trek Dirt Series

Bottom line, quality instruction in any sport will not only make you a better athlete, but will make you safer and have more fun. The Trek Dirt Series is an experience I won’t soon forget, and one that I already crave more of. I now understand why so many of the campers knew each other, as they were repeat Dirt Series attendees and had met at previous camps.

A huge shout out to Trek for inviting me on this trip. Trek’s people are amazing, their bikes quality and their dedication to growing the sport is awesome.

How NOT to do it. It went fine, but I would have had way more control if I’d been further forward on the bike. Scary, but it works.

“Trek is focused on lowering the barriers of entry and making cycling accessible to everyone. Dirt Series is the perfect embodiment of that mission. It takes people who own mountain bikes and actually makes mountain bikers out of them. It creates a passion for the sport. And that passion is contagious. The more passionate riders we can create, the more people we can introduce to this incredible sport.” – Eric Bjorling, Director of Brand Marketing and PR for Trek

I had no problem hiking up and trying a section again. Goal was to do it right and learn the skills being taught. Exhausting weekend, but worth every once of effort.
It’s a tiny world! Legendary kayaker Jesse Coombs was actually in my riding group. So fun to catch up and shred some mud together.
Lots of clinics on offer after each day’s riding.
Cold sopping wet gear led me to extreme measures each morning. The hotel hairdryer did wonders. It at least made it more bearable to put the gear back on.

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Trek Dirt Series