The Importance of Life Insurance at Every Stage in Life

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It’s amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time. No matter what stage of life you’re in the World is moving fast and time truly flies. I never really grasped how fast time flies until having my first child.  When I was pregnant, I can’t tell you how many times I heard to “enjoy the small moments” and that “my baby will be grown in the blink of an eye”. I had never experienced being a mom and brushed off their advice. 

Fast forward almost 3 years and they were not joking. The days are long but the years are short. It seems like just yesterday I had Bryce and now he is a toddler turning in a big kid. Not only am I watching my own child grow older, I’m watching my parents and my friend’s parents grow older. I’m witnessing my own friends lose their parents and loved ones and it’s a hard pill to swallow. 

We all know these times will come for each of us, whether it be losing a friend or family member but it’s hard to think about especially when most of us are in our prime, healthy and living the best lives that we can. 

While I am the first to admit, I love procrastinating and not thinking about those types of things, I know the best thing I can do is to prepare myself and my family. It’s hard but it’s so very important. 

As my family continues to grow, I understand the importance of preparing for those big moments in life and want my children to be taken care of in case of something happening to me or my husband.

Let’s talk life insurance and why you need it – no matter what stage of life you are in. Life insurance is something that I’ve always pushed to the back burner. I never thought it was needed but after doing a bit of research, I now know it’s very important. 

  1. It’s not nearly as expensive as you think! Most people think it’s over 3x what it actually costs. You can check the cost here. 
  2. Already have coverage through your employer? Read the small print. Employer policies generally only cover one or two times your annual salary. For most people, that won’t cover their needs. Also, if you change jobs, the policy doesn’t move with you.
  3. When you purchase life insurance, you’re supplementing loss income so your family can still live whether it be by going to college, staying in the same home or every living needs. 

I highly recommend getting a free quote from Nationwide Insurance to see what life insurance will cost you. My favorite part about getting a quote is that I just had to fill out a super short questionnaire online that took less than 5 minutes. After the short survey, I was able to get my life insurance quote without having to talk to anyone.

My experience may not be the same as yours.  There is no guarantee of future performance or success.  I was paid for my time and efforts in writing this article.  Financial decisions are personal.  You should check with your financial professional to discuss your specific situation.

The Importance of Life Insurance at Every Stage in Life