4W Call for Submissions

4W Call for Submissions

4W is looking to expand our base of contributors in 2020. If you're a radical, gender-critical, or "fourth wave" feminist with a story to tell—we want to hear from you! (Note: we only accept female writers, and only allow publication under a pseudonym when there is a serious safety concern involved).

Here's a little bit about what we're looking for and how to pitch us:

Does 4W pay for submissions?

Yes, 4W's current commission rate is $.01 per word. Our articles are normally between 1,000 - 2,000 words, so this would be about $10 - $20 per article. We hope to increase this rate in the future as we grow our income, and when that happens writers who have been with us from the beginning will have commission priority. You can view our current income and goals for growth on Patreon.

What we're looking for:

1. First-person essays and personal stories

We're looking to raise the voices of women that have been silenced. If you have been affected by liberal/mainstream/"third wave" feminism in a negative way, we want to share your story! Some examples of stories might be interested in include:

  • How porn affected your relationship
  • Personal accounts of detransitioning
  • Feminists being canceled and censored

2. Hot takes on the local, national, or global news affecting women and girls

Are you tuned in to what's going on in the world around us and how it's impacting women and girls? We want to hear your takes! Examples of the types of stories we're looking for include:

  • How the Gender Recognition Act is impacting high school girls in the UK
  • The disparate impact of climate change on women in the global south
  • Feminist analysis of celebrity news, media (tv, movies, books), or other events

3. Well-researched and cited 101-level pieces exploring a particular feminist topic with accessible language

One of our goals at 4W is to help make feminist principles accessible to all women. We're not necessary looking for your dissertation, but if you have explain a feminists concept in an accessible and relatable way (especially for Gen Z or Millennial women), we would love to publish it! Examples of these types of posts include:

  • How porn perpetuates rape culture
  • Why women's sports matter
  • Debunking gender myths

4. Interviews or profiles of feminists and female thought-leaders

Do you know someone who's story can help paint a picture about the state of women in the world, or drive home a feminist point? We would love to share her story!

  • Profile of a woman making strides in a male-dominated field or area
  • Interview with a detransitioner or someone else harmed by gender ideology
  • Interview with a feminist campaigner against FGM or sex trafficking

How to submit:

Send an email to mk at marykatefain dot com with this subject line: "4W Pitch: {{headline of your article}}".

In the body of your email, either include link to the draft of the article (for example on Google Drive - do not add an attachment), or a 2-3 paragraph pitch explaining your topic, who you are, and the expected word count of your article.

Please include in the email your full name, a link to your personal site or social media accounts, and any examples of previous work which you feel are relevant. If you are a first time writer and have no previous published work—that is okay! Don't let this stop you from pitching.

If you choose to include images along with your draft, please provide a source for the image and be sure that you have the right to use the image for commercial use. Otherwise, we will chose a banner picture for you. We may change the image you chose, anyway.

If accepted:

  1. If you have submitted a completed draft, I will edit your draft via suggestions on a Google Doc and provide a timeline for publishing.

    If you submitted a pitch, I will let you know we'd like to go ahead with the article and provide you a timeline for completing the draft and editing.
  2. Once edits are complete, I will set you up with a writer account on 4W where you will be able to submit the final post for acceptance.
  3. When the post is published, we will promote it on all our usual channels (social media, email, etc).
  4. You will be sent your payment within 15 days of the post being published (usually right away).

Content Licensing

All of our articles are published under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. All original images provided must be licensed the same.

Please write at the bottom of your article draft, "Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, {{Your Name}}". Drafts which do not include this statement will not be published.

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4W Call for Submissions

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4W Call for Submissions