Uh…no. Try again AG.

When I placed a recent order with American Girl, I picked up a set from their clearance items that I’d been curious about.  The Star and Snow Dress caught my eye several months earlier when it first appeared in their sale items, but I kept putting it off.  Several other people I follow had picked it up and I thought it was really cute.  Plus I’m a sucker for plaid.

The set includes the dress, shoes and headband.  When I got the headband and shoes out, I cringed a bit.  I was hopeful that maybe I was wrong.

Well, the dress is cute.  Rebecca volunteered to model it for me.  It fits well and I was pleased to see that the snowflakes are actually embroidered on.  And it has long sleeves!  I will say it was a bit of a struggle to get the Velcro closed in the back, it was a snug fit. I really like the length of this dress, it’s not super short like so many of the recent holiday dresses.

The shoes however… (insert scream here.)

They are solid plastic, remind me of Our Generation shoes.  Not even nice Our Generation shoes, really crappy Our Generation shoes.  They are stiff and difficult to put on, I would be afraid after repeated putting on and taking off, they would leave shine marks on the doll.  And the glitter comes off.  Before it was over with, I had glitter on the dress, my pants, my hands.  No, no, no.   This is not acceptable.

The headband sucks too, but AG headbands as a rule do anyhow.  I wasn’t expecting much.  Someone needs to redesign these, they aren’t long enough.

Here is a photo of the bottom of the shoes, you can see where some of the loose glitter ended up there.  I’m not impressed.  I put the shoes and the headband in a plastic bag and sealed it up.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these.  I MIGHT try and figure out a way to strip the glitter off these shoes, but not sure it’s worth that much effort.

Fortunately, I only paid about $12 for this set since I had a rewards coupon to use towards my order, it has been selling for $14 in their sale online.  I’m not exactly sure what this set was made for originally, thinking perhaps a “Purchase With Purchase” offer in stores.  I recommend the dress, it’s very cute, but the shoes and headband are a big fat no from this collector.  I hate glitter on a good day and I don’t want it all over me or my doll stuff.  Glitter is the herpes of the craft world for a good reason.  It’s not often I throw away part of a set, (in fact, I don’t think I ever have) but these items may just end up in my trash can before it’s over with.  I feel a bit like Joan Crawford saying this but “NO MORE PLASTIC SHOES…OR GLITTER!!”

Uh…no. Try again AG.