Top 5 Cheap Mattresses

It’s finally time to pack in your old mattress for something new. Has this pricey purchase been a long time in the making or did another sleepless night spur you into action? Whether you planned and budgeted or were caught off guard and need to make a quick and thrifty purchase, a new mattress doesn’t have to break the bank and it definitely doesn’t have to be an uninformed decision.

For the price conscious, a new mattress should not only fit your budget, but your body type and lifestyle too. It’s never just “twin, queen or king” you need to consider before shelling out those hard-earned bucks.

Knowing how to shop and what to look for means that choosing a cheaper mattress doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. In fact, with the right intel, there’s some pretty great deals to be had… and this is where we come in.

How to Choose an Affordable Mattress

Get the best bang for your buck, by using our eight-point checklist:

  1. Mattress construction: Memory foam, latex, inner-spring or hybrid?
  2. Heat transfer: Looking for a cooler sleep?
  3. Motion transfer: For light sleepers, it’s important.
  4. Bounce and resistance: Important if you don’t want to struggle getting up from your mattress.
  5. Edge support: For side-of-the-bed sleepers, it’s crucial.
  6. Quality of materials: Are they Certi-PUR US?
  7. Warranty: What should it cover and for how long?
  8. Delivery: Free or on your dime?

5 of the Most Affordable Mattresses

Now, let’s take a quick look at five totally affordable mattresses that deliver big-time from both a pricing and quality standpoint:

1. Nectar

If your budget can extend a little, the Nectar mattress is well worth it. At $799.00, it’s an affordable alternative to premium-priced mattresses and an ideal option for heavier individuals including those suffering joint pain.

A breathable Tencel cover delivers enhanced air circulation and wicks moisture for a cooler sleep. The underlying layer of quilted gel memory foam contours to your body for optimal pressure point relief, while a 3-inch layer of Nectar’s patented Lush gel memory foam distributes bodyweight across the entire sleep surface for ideal support of heavier joints.

Nectar uses premium Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam in its base for consistent, uniform strength and superior edge support around the perimeter.

Its Certi-PUR US and OEKO-TEX certified foams are free from ozone depleting materials, formaldehyde and heavy metals so an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Nectar’s industry-leading 365-night sleep trial allows a full year to test-run the mattress while the Forever Warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing for the entire period of ownership.

Delivery is free within the contiguous United States, but they don’t deliver to Canada.

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2. Dynasty

At just $429.99, the Dynasty New Cool Breeze mattress delivers cooling comfort and exceptional pressure point relief at a price you can afford.

The cover features a convenient side zip for easy removal and washing to help extend the life of your mattress. What lies beneath is a 3-inch layer of gel infused memory foam that contours to your body across the entire sleep surface for relief on heavier joints. A lower, 4-inch thick layer of special Cool Airflow foam is designed to dissipate body heat for a cooler, more comfortable rest while the 5-inch high-density foam base delivers uniform, overall support.

All foams used are naturally hypoallergenic and Certi-PUR US certified which means they’re free from materials such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. As a bonus, you receive two free gel-infused memory foam pillows.

Enjoy a 120-night sleep trial and a 30-year limited warranty (though it was hard to find any specifics on what it covered).

Delivery is not free. Dynasty sells through Amazon and Walmart with Amazon shipping only to the United States.

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3. Zinus

If you thought your budget wouldn’t extend to a good memory foam mattress, the $235.00 Zinus Pressure Relief model is about to change your mind. As the name implies, it’s designed to provide pressure point relief for a more restful night and a pain-free morning.

The stretchy, polyester cover is well aerated across the surface and along the sides to encourage air flow. However, it isn’t removable for washing so you may want to invest in a mattress protector.

The Zinus is composed of a 3-inch thick top layer of memory foam that instantly adapts to your body contours for curve hugging comfort. Under that is a 3-inch layer of pressure relieving foam that helps dissipates body weight and alleviate stress on heavier joints. A 6-inch thick high-density memory foam base delivers consistent, uniform support.

It’s a great choice for allergy sufferers because all foams used are Certi-PUR US certified and free from ozone depleting materials, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Zinus offers a 100-night sleep trial and optional 10-year warranty that can be purchased separately.

And free delivery is available within the contiguous United States. In Canada, it’s free via partner retailers such as Wayfair.

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4. Brentwood Cypress

At $499.00, you may think we’re creeping out of your comfort zone but what you get with the Brentwood Cypress is well worth considering.

This bed’s stretchy, bamboo-rayon cover tightly hugs the memory foam as it adapts to your body contours – so no gaps and pockets. Better still, it’s lined with certified organic New Zealand wool to help wick moisture and regulate temperatures. While it is removable for spot-cleaning, you may want to consider purchasing a second cover from Brentwood to further extend the life of this investment.

Underneath, a 3.5-inch thick layer of gel memory foam supports your contours while millions of tiny gel beads help absorb heat for a cooler sleep. Talking cooler sleep, the next layer features 2 inches of Airluxe ventilated foam to help expel warm air from the mattress core.

The base is a full 7.5-inches of therapeutic foam that absorbs weight and delivers uniform support across the entire mattress.

The Cypress uses Certi-PUR US or Greenguard Gold Certified materials that are non-toxic and free from heavy metals, formaldehyde and ozone depleters.

They offer a 120-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty against material and manufacture defects.

Free shipping is available within the contiguous United States, but not in Canada.

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5. Lucid

Lucid promises a luxury mattress at a price you can afford and if $429.99 lands within your budget, the company may well have achieved that.

Similar to the pricier Nectar, the Lucid features a breathable Tencel Lyocell cover that helps circulate air and wick moisture for a cooler sleep. Best of all, it can be removed and washed to help extend the life of your mattress.

The mattress’s top layer is a 3-inch thick layer of ventilated gel memory foam that has been infused with gel beads. So, while the open-cell technology promotes better air circulation, the millions of tiny gel beads help prevent the mattress from becoming too warm. Beneath this lays a 1-inch support layer of antibacterial bamboo and charcoal infused memory foam that not only eliminates odors and manages moisture, but helps hug your curves and alleviate pressure on heavier joints.

To support body weight and add a little extra bounce, the base is comprised of 8 inches of high- density foam. This not only delivers uniform support for the entire sleep surface, but it helps lessen wear and tear.

This mattress is great for those suffering from allergies because all foams used are Certi-PUR US certified so free from ozone depleting materials, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Lucid offers a brief, 30-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty that promises they will replace, repair or refund any defects in materials or manufacturing.

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Writer and bargain-hunter extraordinaire Mary Simpson is based out of Port Credit and shares her home and bed with her two rescue dogs and three cats.

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Top 5 Cheap Mattresses