a $650B industry in Covid’s wake

China's digital currency. 
#2 e-commerce platform. A P&C crisis. 
CBINSIGHTS July 9, 2020
Insurance gets a tech boost


This week, we take a look at why tech has not been front and center in insurance, how the Covid-19 pandemic may change that, and the tailwinds and headwinds that will impact insurtech categories.


We look at: 

Read more about it here.
Defense against the dark (web) arts

Corporates are increasingly under pressure to fend off cyber attacks. 

From disinformation detection to decentralized digital identities, we take a look at emerging cybersecurity trends and startups in our new Cyber Defenders report here.

Can’t pump this

Didi Chuxing is testing China's new digital currency in a pilot program.


We cover how governments are ramping up involvement with digital currencies in our 53-page Blockchain Report

We’re all in this together

The worst is yet to come for P&C insurers, as businesses begin to shutter permanently and cut off major revenue streams. 


We dive into why the P&C industry has remained stagnant for so long and how insurtech can help firms move forward in this report.

Shop 'til you drop

In 2019, Shopify powered the most e-commerce sales in the US after Amazon.

Clients can read our teardown of how this e-commerce platform for SMBs is continuing to expand its footprint here.

Trend Of The Week

From telehealth platforms to remote monitoring and care delivery, digital health has been a  bright spot for investment throughout the pandemic.


This week, we’re featuring our graphic of the most active digital health investors in Europe.

Source: CB Insights

While the US still claims the majority of digital health deals, Europe has gained traction in recent years, with Europe-based digital health startups raising a record $2.6B across 312 deals in 2019.

Since publishing our graphic, Bpifrance, the top investor in our graphic, has made another digital health investment, participating in France-based Synapse Medicine’s Series A round on Monday. Synapse develops a medication intelligence platform and virtual assistant for healthcare professionals.

For more on global healthcare investment amid Covid-19, take a look at our Q2’20 healthcare research resource page.

Have a great weekend.


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a $650B industry in Covid’s wake