Lasting Love as the kinky slave to my wife

Lasting Love as the kinky slave to my wife


The best way to explain the relationship I have with my wife is to explain how I became a kinky Femdom slave to my wife. My wife is 5’2 and 115 pounds and has a nice curvy figure. Basically, she looks damn hot. I am 6′ and 185 with an athletic swimmers build. Not to sound conceited, but I consider myself a fairly nice looking man.

My wife and I, married when I was 21 and she was 19, everyone said we were too young but we were in love and we were both ready. It is now been 10 years since we married and are still very happy with each other.

But our marriage hasn’t always been bliss. About 4 years into our marriage, the sex life was starting to dull. We have always had regular sex up till about that time, you know…missionary, her on top, maybe an occasional doggy style, some oral sex was thrown in there…basically normal married life sex.

Well anyway, about this time she was devoting more time to work and climbing the corporate ladder, and so was I, her more so than me. She wasn’t into sex that much, by the time she would get to bed she was exhausted and would be out within a few minutes of hitting the bed.

Being a guy, I needed to cum. Lets face it, all guys need to cum at a minimum of once a week or we get backed up. And if we don’t get it, we beat off to relieve ourselves. If a guy is not getting sex and says he doesn’t masturbate, he is a fucking liar, simple as that.

I was also starting to surf the net looking at Femdom pictures of guys being ass fucked with strapon dildos and being spanked. I don’t know why, but I started to find this as a turn on.

I would like to point out that I am not gay, I personally find the gay lifestyle kind of repulsive. Women are beautiful and sexy, and something about seeing a nice-looking woman dominate, spank and fuck a man’s ass just turned me on. So I started to masturbate to these pictures as this went on for 2 years.

My wife never knew. She and I would have sex about once a month and in between the long stretches, I would masturbate to these pictures. Then one day my wife came home early and I didn’t hear her come in.

I was sitting at the computer jerking off to these pictures when I turned around and saw my wife standing in the doorway. I was so embarrassed that I went limp almost instantly. My wife calmly walked over to the computer and started to click thought the pictures.

I wanted to say something, and she shouted: “shut up.” She then got up and left the house in her car, she was gone for about 3 hours. During this time I was shitting my pants. I didn’t want to lose my wife I loved my wife.

When my wife returned, she had a large bag of things. She walked right up to my face about an inch from it and sternly said for me to go to the bedroom and strip naked. I went to say something and she cut me off and shouted,

“What the fuck did I just say?”

So I did as she said.

She walked in about five minutes later and I was sitting on the bed naked. She told me to stand at the end of the bed and lean over the end. I felt her spread my legs and tie my ankles to each bedpost so my ass was spread wide.

She then told me to put my hands behind my back and when I did so I felt her lock handcuffs on each wrist. She then took a rope and tied it to the center of the handcuffs and stretched my arms up backward and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard of the bed.

In a matter of a few minutes, I found myself forced into a bent-over position with my ass spread wide. I was totally helpless.

My wife then picked up a paddle and started to lightly spank my ass. While she was paddling my ass she was yelling things at me like, “So you like to masturbate to other women” and “Your ass is mine, you fucking pervert.”

She didn’t stop till I was sobbing hysterically, pleading and begging for her to stop. I had no idea that my wife could be so brutally merciless. I then looked to the side and saw her getting naked.

She then left the room for a few minutes and when she returned she was wearing a rather large strap-on dildo. She came right up to the side of the bed that I had my head turned to and said: “So you like to masturbate to women fucking guys, well guess what, I’m going to give you an ass reaming of a lifetime.”

She then stepped behind me and it felt like she put a tube of k-y jelly up to my ass and squeezed the whole tube into my ass. I felt her put the tip of the dildo to my ass and slowly work it in. When she got about half of it in she started to move it in and out of my ass, then with no warning, she thrust the whole dildo into my ass.

I about came out of my skin with pain. I let out blood curtly scream in pain as she continued to thrust the whole thing in and out of my ass. As she continued to thrust the dildo in and out of my ass, then she said: “You’re MY bitch now.”

After what seemed like forever, she finally stopped and took the strap-on off. She then climbed onto the bed, spread her legs and made me lick and suck her pussy till she came.

When she recovered from her orgasm she got off the bed, picked up a paddle and lit into my ass again. My ass was on fire. She had no mercy. I about pissed myself with pain.

After this, she freed me from my bonds and made me kneel in front of her and masturbate. She then laid out all the ground rules of our new marriage together.

I have to be completely hairless from the neck down, she says this makes me look more like “A little bitch”, I do all the housework (cooking, cleaning, laundry, you name it, everything), and I’m at her beck and call.

Most of all, I’m never allowed to masturbate unless I’m in her presents and she commands me to do so. One thing she makes me do a lot is lick and suck her pussy. I have been her slave now for close to 4 years now and I’ve come to love it. She still gives me regular-ass beatings and reaming’s to keep me in my place, but none as severe as that first time.

– Lasting Love

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Lasting Love as the kinky slave to my wife