Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Video of Himself Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Experts are hopeful that the coronavirus vaccine will help to curb the spread of COVID-19, which has killed more than 2 million people worldwide since its 2019 emergence in China.

Steve Martin, Martha Stewart and both President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were among the first high-profile names to get the shots.

The Father of the Bride actor made jokes about the process after getting vaccinated in January 2021. “Good news/Bad news,” Martin tweeted on January 17. “Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I’m 75. Ha!”

The comedian noted that it was “smooth as silk” when getting the shot in New York City. He later made light of possible side effects, tweeting, “Right now, I’m having no fide resects.”

Stewart, for her part, shared a video of herself preparing to get her shot at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York, via Instagram on January 11.

“I am so proud of and grateful to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who are wading through the red tape and confusion of the distribution of these very important vaccines,” she wrote at the time. “I am excited to have received my dosage and look forward to the booster.”

The lifestyle guru clapped back at haters who claimed she cut in front of others, writing, “To allay your concerns that I jumped the line, know that I am in the approved age group for this batch of vaccines and I waited in line with others.”

Stewart, who is 79, added: “Here’s to the advancement of science and a heartfelt thanks to those working on the vaccines. We are all hoping for an end to this pandemic.”

Biden and Harris had the press in attendance when they received their shots, which they both got before taking office on January 20.

“I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared, when it’s available, to take the vaccine,” Biden told reporters in December 2020. “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m looking forward to the second shot.”

Ian McKellen and Joan Collins were among the first celebrities to document their vaccine journey in the U.K. Collins received her dose on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II, writing on Instagram that she was “honored” to get the shot.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

On January 20, the former California governor took to Instagram to share his experience after getting vaccinated. “All right, I just got my vaccine, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone,” he said in a video, which he concluded by saying his iconic Terminator line, “Come with me if you want to live.”

Courtesy Arnold Schwarzenegger/Instagram
Steven Martin

“Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I’m 75. Ha!” the Cheaper by the Dozen actor wrote via Twitter on January 17. “Thank you all and thank you science.”

Loretta Lynn

“Well, I bundled up and Peggy Jean and I rolled out of Hurricane Mills so I could get this vaccine,” the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer wrote via Instagram on January 16. “I’m sure glad to get it and am sure ready to put Covid in the rear-view mirror! And I enjoyed the mom daughter time, too! #winning #sickofcovid #stayhealthy #besafe #getyours.”

Courtesy Loretta Lynn/Instagram (2)
Willie Nelson

“Get your shot! Take care of yourself and others. #slowthespreadofcovid19,” the country crooner wrote via Facebook on January 13, alongside a series of photos of him getting the shot in his car.

Martha Stewart

“I was vaccinated today in a designated vaccine pod near the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Downtown,” Stewart wrote via Instagram on January 11. “The doctors told me 10,000 applications were received by Mount Sinai right after the state released this batch of vaccines. Here’s to the advancement of science and a heartfelt thanks to those working on the vaccines.”

Courtesy of Martha Stewart/Instagram
Joan Collins

“Delighted to get @astrazeneca @ouhospitals #vaccine yesterday morning at the @nhsenglandldn Bloomsbury surgery,” the Dynasty alum wrote via Instagram on January 10. “Thank you Mr. @rajgill2585 and @dr_ammarahughes for a painless and seamless procedure! Same day as our Queen! #honoured.”

Kamala Harris

The former U.S. senator got her first dose of the vaccine on TV on December 29. "That was easy. I barely felt it,” Harris said after the shot, according to The Washington Post. "I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively painless, it happens really quickly, it is safe.”

Joe Biden

Biden thanked scientists and frontline and clinical workers when getting his first shot on December 21. "Just amazing,” he told reporters at the time. “We owe you big. We really do." The former vice president received his second dose on January 11, which cameras also documented.

Ian McKellen

“I feel very lucky to have had the vaccine,” the Lord of the Rings actor tweeted on December 16. “I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.”

Courtesy Ian McKellen/Instagram

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Video of Himself Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine