New patterns. New colours.

Ambah O’Brien has a new pattern today. Meet the Kentia Wrap. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Kentia Wrap is a project to enjoy mosaic knitting, a technique that really is so much simpler than it looks. Unlike stranded colourwork, only one colour is worked per row, and stitches are slipped to create texture and pattern. Take it further by playing with colour in your project. Use this project to have a colourful knitting adventure.
Alternating sections of mosaic and slip stitch are worked through this project. The mosaic sections are most effective with highly contrasting colours. In my sample, I chose a light MC contrasting with dark CC. The reverse will also provide the desirable contrast. In the slip stitch section, I chose a subtle contrast of light CC with the light MC. The slip stitch section will be effective with either a strong contrast or, as mine is, a subtle contrast between the colours. 

Play further with colour by incorporating a fade with your CC or a striking array of colours. Alternately, keep it simple and sophisticated with a single CC. 

If you visited us for LYS Day you might have seen Wannietta’s finished Kentia. She was a test knitter.
Wannietta’s daughter Amanda modeled the beautiful shawl.
Wannietta used a skein of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock and two Party of Five kits. The colours are gorgeous.

I just sent an order in to Blue Sky Fibers. This is the Lexington Cowl (pattern free on Ravelry) and it is knit with Metalico. Until this season Metalico was only available in natural colours.

The shine of silk combined with the warmth of baby alpaca makes this a luxurious cowl. Knit in the round with a simple linen stitch and three beautiful colors, this is the perfect weekend project.

Uses 2 braids each of the 3 colors.

We have 4 new colours coming very soon.
A new natural colour.
The three dyed colours are used for the Lexington Cowl.

Organic Cotton and Printed Organic Cotton are going to be back in stock next week as well.

I’m finishing my laundry and packing to leave early in the morning. I know that I am going to arrive at the cottage and get grief for the size of my suitcase. It has my sheets, towel and knitting. There is a lot of yarn packed. Just in case. Imagine running out of yarn. There aren’t a lot of clothes.

Yikes, I almost forgot to wind skeins. That will be job # 1. 
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New patterns. New colours.