Are you trying to find a good moisturiser?

It can be a real challenge finding the best moisturiser for sensitive skin, especially when you need something that hydrates well without clogging your pores. In this tropical climate, sun damage in the form of hyperpigmentation, as well as oily skin and large pores, are common problems that need addressing, too.

Rock & Herb Moisturisers

We tested out Rock & Herb, a new line of naturally-based, non-comedogenic products that target these skin concerns. Backed by a team of scientists and doctors, the local skincare brand combines natural herbs and botanical extracts with modern science. From the scent to the ingredients chosen, the formulas aim to remind users of a specific natural environment – be it a mountain, a lake or a forest. We spent a month road-testing two of their moisturisers – read on for our reviews!

enzyme rescue cream for acne skincare for sensitive skin review rock and herb

Tropical Magic Enzyme Rescue, $92

“My skin has always been on the dry side – until recently. In the past year or so, my complexion has grown more oily and sensitive, and extra prone to breaking out, especially before that time of the month. That’s why when I saw the list of claims this moisturiser had – exfoliate, regulate oil, prevent scars, repair acne – I jumped on the chance to try it. The promises sounded too good to be true, and there was only one way to find out!

After using it religiously every day for a month, in the morning and at night after applying my serum, I’m happy to report that the Tropical Magic Enzyme Rescue has become a staple in my skincare regime. Although the cream feels thick at first, it spreads onto the skin easily and absorbs well without leaving any stickiness. I love the light, almost fruity scent, which does not linger for long. My sensitive skin seems to have taken a liking to the moisturiser, too, which is rare considering how most hydrating creams tend to clog my pores. I’m still not spared from the monthly breakouts (thanks, hormones), but I do notice my skin looking less oily at the end of the day.

The star ingredients are stabilised papain (from papayas) and bromelain (from pineapples) to exfoliate and reduce inflammation, as well as vitamins C and E to boost collagen and brighten scars. Jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid help with hydration, which in turn regulates the skin’s oil production. The multi-tasking moisturiser is suitable for acne or problem skin, combination skin and semi-oily to semi-dehydrated skin.”

– Anthia Chng

arctic magic rock and herb singapore skincare for sensitive skin pigmentation cream

Arctic Miracles Brightening Angelica, $98

“Like most teens blessed with an upbringing in the tropics, tanning was once a full-time hobby of mine. School holidays and weekends were filled with hours of basking in the sun while my mother’s futile attempts to get me to wear sunscreen fell only on deaf ears. It’s only now, in my thirties, that I’m beginning to see the damage done.

As time begins to take its toll, I started noticing more fine lines, growing sunspots and an uneven skin tone across my cheeks. This put me on the hunt for a daily moisturiser that not only targeted the effects of ageing, but specifically pigmentation. On a recommendation, I switched to Brightening Angelica and put it to a three-week test. With an active blend of Angelica dahurica extract, arbutin, vitamin B3, oil-soluble vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, my first observation was that the potency of this cream is evident in its strong smell – ironically one that reminds me of tanning lotion! Using the spatula provided, I religiously applied it twice a day, noticing that a small amount goes a long way. The cream is thick and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day thanks to the Vitamin B3 that increases keratin and ceramide production.

After one month, my sunspots are still visible, but there is definitely a healthier glow and a more supple feel to my skin. My uneven skin tone has also softened slightly. I’m hoping that continuous use, coupled with a more disciplined sun care regime, will give me the results I’m after!”

– Leanda Rathmell

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Are you trying to find a good moisturiser?