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Monday, March 16th
Porch Pickups

Hi Friends,
Before we go on to the rest of this post-market blog,  I want to update you on what is going on with the shop in light of our ever changing world.  Most of all, we want to be safe, and we want all of you to be safe as well.  After a lot of thought and soul searching, Teri and I have decided that we will close the shop for the next couple of weeks to walk in traffic.  Just like everywhere else, Utah is trying to be proactive and responsible in trying to contain this health crisis.  So, this is our plan--at least for this week.  We will still be at work during normal business hours.  We will be filling and posting mail orders as well as keeping up with market kits and preparation for Retreat.  However, we will also be implementing Porch Pickups for local stitchers.  You give us a call between 10 and 4, and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.  When you drive up in front of the shop, give us another call, and we will place your package on the porch in a basket and watch for you to come and pick it up.  We are pretty good at helping you figure out what you need to keep on stitching during this time.  If you don't want to come by and pick it up, we are also happy to put it into the mail for you.  If you don't live around here anyway, our mail order service is quite awesome.  I think that the best way to face the next few weeks is to keep busy, and what better thing to do than to stitch.  I know that losing myself in a great project always keeps my mind off of useless worries.  So..if you need a whole new project or the threads and fabric to complete one you already have, just give our new service a try.,
And if you need to get inspired, scroll down through our blog which is filled with wonderful new things from the recent Nashville Market.  
Another thing--to help keep all of our spirits up--we are going to try to post something every day or two. Maybe a recipe, or a great book recommendation or a happy movie to watch.  We can get through this together.,  I know we can.  Read on...So many fun things to be excited about. 

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day.  Don't forget to wear green.  If you are alone at home and forget to get your Irish on--give yourself a good pinch.  Of course, Teri is already in the spirit.  She made Irish Soda bread tonight, and is preparing for a Shamrock scavenger hunt that the extended neighborhood is doing as an outdoor activity for kids and parents to do since schools are closed.  She is putting paper shamrocks on skewers out on the grass for kids to pick.  On the back of each one is a little task for that child to do.  Maybe we will post a picture of it tomorrow.  So enjoy your corned beef and cabbage--or in my case--baked potatoes and enjoy the green.  

Remember Retreat sign ups will be this Thursday at 12.00 noon--Mountain time.  We are in full faith that this craziness will be over by October, so it is time to go forth with registration.  Please email your registration form in, or if you are a local, we will have forms to fill out on the porch at noon.  

Teri just put out a little Patriotic wall.  It is very fun.

New Threads from Weeks Dye Works           New threads and a pattern from Classic Colorworks

Annie Beez Designs

These are such beautiful designs, They were a great find

Bee Fabric from the Primitive Hare
30 count and 40 count

Jorden Nicoll the designer of Little Stitch Girl
visited the shop on our Market days.  

Here are some of her daring patterns.  Teri is having her Halloween village stitched, but all of them are adorable.  

New threads form the  Gentle Art                                     Three new silk threads from Gloriana


 Market week, 2020
Hi Friends
It's Market week!  What an exciting time for everyone--designers, shop owners, and stitchers alike.  Here at the Bush, I think that we are almost ready to go.  Our boxes are making their way to Nashville, and our suitcases are almost packed.  So, I guess it means we are almost ready.  There are certainly lots of tempting sneak peaks out there, and Teri will be posting on FB and Instagram, so watch for her posts.  If we can, we will add some things to this blog, so keep an eye out for it.  If we don' will know that sleep has beckoned.  Remember, that if there is something that you would like us to bring back for you, be sure to call and let us know. 
Below we would like to share some of the things that we will be showing at the Market. 
 When we return, we will be filling the shop with all the wonderful things we found at market.  be sure to stop by and see the newest and most wonderful patterns, fabrics, accessories, and more    
Our Market Celebration will be March 12, 13, 14 ( Thursday , Friday, Saturday) 

 Family Album 

a small collection of pieces
 filled with the joy and love of those we gather and carry in our hearts

The Lessons
Kit:  $66.00

This is a sampler which I imagined to mark the strong women of my family who shaped my life.  It was a joy to design, stitch and look at everyday.  
It is stitched on hand-dyed 32 count linen with a combination of over;yed silks and cottons.  It includes an alphabet to stitch in the initials of your choice as well as a sweet collection of embellishments.  
Design size:  8" x 12"

Little Blessings Pincushion
Kit:  $30.00

I just live this little pin keep, and I hope that you will as well.  It is stitched on  32 count linen with overdyed cottons.  It has a little group of darling buttons with a mother-of-pearl button in the center.  Lois, at Lady Dot, dyed the absolutely perfect shade of chenille for the finishing.  Your kit will also come with a sweet cotton fabric for backing.  You will have it done in no time.

Little Blessings Pin Set

Bless Our World Box
Kit;  $16.00
Box:  $24.50

A very fun and quick little project.  Is there anything we need more than that.  
It is stitched on 32 count linen, and would also make a darling pin cushion.

Sheep Needle Case 
Kit $30.00

You can make this sweet needle case for yourself , or for a gift.  Everything is included in the kit that you will need to finish this wonderful project.  It is stitched on a great hand dyed 32 count linen with overdyed threads.  

Sew, A Needle Pulling Thread Bag
kit $24.00

Teri just loves making these bags, they are quick and easy and a fun stitch.  The bags are already sewn together and all you do is the stitching.  The fabric is 30 count linen so it is not too hard to see.  It is perfect for a small project or a little gift.  

In Your Easter Bonnet 
Kit:  $30.00
Button:  $8.00
(button comes with free pattern)

I have wanted Teri to do a spring/Easter button kit for some time.  I think it is darling.  The kit comes with everything you need to make the little pin cushion including:  linen, overdosed cotton threads, button, backing fabric, ribbon and beads.  

Sweet Friend Tag 
kit:  $8.00

Teri is the best neighbor and friend.  She is always trying out some crazy treat and then flying around the neighborhood with packets for her friends.  She says that she is going to put a tag on the bags, and if she does--I want one delivered to me,.  

Summer Notes 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet: $8.00 
Complete kit available--includes 32 count linen, threads, buttons, pattern
Frame: $32.00

This is the best one ever and in plenty of time for the upcoming season.  

Winter Notes 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet:  $8.00 
Complete kit: $40.00- includes 32 count linen, threads, buttons, pattern
Frame:  $32.00

Shepherd's Bush scissor Fobs $10.00

Market exclusives

Shepherd's Bush Scissor Fobs

I have had fun making these, and we don't always have them  They are all different, so give us a call to see what we have to offer.

Shepherd's Bush needle minders

Nobody loves a stitching magnet more than I do, and I always love these because they are flat, light and a joy to look at.  

 2020 Scissor Fob                                                                             
Shepherd's Bush exclusive kit:  $16.00
2020 engraved Gingher Juniper scissors: $48.00

Be sure that you get this darling set before they are gone for the year.

Watch this blog, and we will keep adding fun pics from market.

(Thursday night) Here is our room I've just hung up pour banner... now for the window display

Tina wanted to do Family Album, a celebration of  family.  so here is our window and our door

( Friday shopping )

Stacy Nash had beautiful things these are pin keep pattens, aren't they sweet???

Summer pin keep 

Chessie and Me

Linda's patterns are very wonderful,  

M Lotherington Sampler                                                            Miss Nettie's Needle

Sheepish Manor-  LOVE this one                                                             Quaker Huswife

                                                             The Stitch Girl Sampler

Ok here are the Blackbirds amazing patterns

My Heart can Rest
I love this one too.I'm hoping Tina will stitch it for the shop...

Little Birds 

Oh Joyous Day  

We Live In Hope 

Sewing Club Big Book $30.00 Retail
Oh my gosh, there are so many wonderful, amazing projects in this book, it has16 different fabulous designs.  wow!!! How many do think Tina can stitch....

Brenda Gervais
It is always so much fun to see all our friends and look at all their fabulous designs.  Here are a few of Brenda's  all amazing!!!

Star Spangled Spectacular

Spring Serenade

Saltbox Quilt Sampler 

Manor at Quaker Hill

Token of Love 

Harietta and Co                                                                   Our Hearts 

Baltimore Saltbox

This is what we have been waiting to see.  The Women of the Mayflower Sampler. 
 I am so excited for this project. We don't have much info, but we have a little more.  No prices yet just a sneak peek.  It looks so fun.  

I'll post more soon, I would say tomorrow, but it is a crazy day, I'm out shopping and then we pack everything up to come home, and the market is finished for another year. -so sad-  We love visiting with everyone, seeing all the wonderful new things, and we are inspired by the energy and excitement at market.  sleep fast, it is daylight savings tonight...  

Here is a fun group of designers, we snapped this photo on Sunday,
Left to right, Tina Herman, Judith Whitman, (JBW designs), Teri, Linda Lautenschlanger (Chessie and Me), Paulette Stewart (Plum Street Samplers)

Packing up and moving out 

Teri and our good friend Anemeike from the Netherlands

Here are a few shots of some of the great things we brought back.  

Thread keeps from Stacy Nash

Bee fabric from the Primative Hare
We LOVE bee things
30 count $40.00
40 count $52.00

We have not figured out what we are stitching on this wonderful fabric, but I'm sure Teri has a plan

Little House Needlework has a new pattern Kringles- so fun and the best part is that we have the entire pattern.  we also have the 340 count gray fabric and the threads
Pattern $24.00
Kit $ 94.00 (does not include the DMC or the gold metallic)

Thistles designs

Hilltop Village in Spring                                           Star Village 
Chart $11.60                                                      Chart $11.60  

French Garden Sampler by Samplers not Forgotten 
Pattern $ 24.00

Teri and Kimberly of Samplers not Forgotten holding her newest sampler French garden

This is a new company we picked up and I think they are so  wonderful.  

Little Birds by Blackbird Designs
Leaflet $20.00

 My Heart Can Rest by Blackbird Designs                            All Joys For Thine by Blackbird Designs
Leaflet $ 18.00                                                                                Leaflet $9.00

 Leaflet $18                                                                                Leaflet $20.00

Sewing Club By Blackbird Designs
Big Book $ 30.00

Sewing Club 9s fillled with so many wonderful projects 

more later...  

To Market To Market...