A at Four Months


We did a quick measurement estimate at home because I’m actually worried this kid is gonna grow out of his car seat soon! We figure he’s around 17 lbs. and about 24 inches long.


Nothing new!


He had a super grumpy stretch for awhile, there. He’s more cheerful lately, but will protest loudly and immediately if he wants attention and the person giving it to him dares look away even momentarily. Dude holds a grudge. He’s usually happiest first thing in the morning and often wakes up with a smile.


He’s easily grasping things and bringing them to his mouth in a much more controlled fashion. He rolled once, front to back, but we all missed it because I stepped out to help M with the potty, and Matt was getting ready for work. And he won’t do it again, hah. He ‘chats’ now and has definitely found his voice. He can kind of bounce in the Jolly Jumper but doesn’t quite get it yet. And, he’s doing a lot better with tummy time and holding up his head without complaint.


One week of awfulness at night just prior to turning four months old, and now he’s up maybe once or twice. Luckily he goes back down quickly and easily after being fed (M used to wake up every time I put her down). Daytime naps are more sporadic — he’s easy to get to sleep, but hard to keep sleeping on any surface but me. Still, if the four month sleep regression is more of a naptime problem than a nighttime problem I can deal with it.


Clearly gaining lots of weight on breastmilk! He’s been fussy with nursing and twists his head around a lot, and I can’t quite figure out why. It doesn’t seem to be a supply issue, because he’s gaining and having lots of wet diapers. A friend suggested he may be slowly teething. It mostly happens during the day, and in the morning and at night he’s a lot more focused so I think he might just be snacky.

He’s also still really, really eager to eat real food like the rest of us! He is a puddle of drool when we sit him on someone’s lap during meal times, and yesterday when I gave him a fork he stuffed in it his mouth, hah. I just ordered a Bumbo-like seat so he’ll have more of a chance to watch us, and I think he’ll be very ready when he hits the six month mark.


Much like he grew out of 0-3 month clothing overnight, he grew out of a lot of 3-6 month clothing overnight! Pants are hard — he has this big ol’ waist and stubby short legs, and a long torso. Onesies are always pulling at the shoulders, and he needs to size up in pants and have the legs rolled. I can’t believe how much he’s grown.


Going for walks — Matt took them both out for a long long walk a few days ago and A was flushed with excitement when they got back! He loves one-on-one interaction, still, as well as attention from his sister specifically. He has an Oball loopy toy that he loves the best, and really likes one of M’s stuffed poodle toys. He had a blast having a bath and splashing in the big tub (with his little tub inside of it).

Doesn’t Love

Having to wait three seconds for me to latch him on at night. Not being able to eat real food. Not being able to move of his own accord. Even slightly-wet diapers.

Things to Remember

We all went to the town multicultural feast which was fun! He’s always pretty happy in public with things to look at and people to meet, and was happy being held by our seatmates a few times. We also had a good March Break with M, during which A got to get out and explore quite a bit.

Mom & Dad

Still striving to find that elusive balance. I’ve been spending more time doing self-care things like eating well and walking, which take up more of the day but leave me feeling better. This is the time of year where Matt comes out of his winter funk so I think he’s feeling good!

Looking Forward To:

This is likely my last month with just A until September — we’re almost positive M will be leaving preschool in May. So I’m looking forward to this next month of just-us time, and I’m also looking forward to a busy summer with both of them.

Dear A,

Today I loaded you into the car and we set off to visit Daddy’s work. There, you were not only fawned over by so many people, you relished in that fawning. They said, “Oh, he’s such a friendly baby! Not fussy at all!” and I told them that you love, love, LOVE being out in the world. Your eyes shine bright as you take in everything, whether it’s my face through the cart at the grocery store, the bright lights at the hospital, or the different faces you see in town.

They don’t know that sometimes, at home, you scream so loud that it’s almost awe-inspiring, but that’s okay. As long as you have somewhere to be, whether it’s gallivanting around town, or snuggled in my arms, you’re happy. You just don’t like to be alone, and I get it — why SHOULD you be alone, when you’re such a great partner in crime?

I love that you love the world so much. I hope you don’t ever lose that. It’s hard to picture you any older than you already are — though looking at your sister, I know that it happens all too fast — but when my mind can stretch to you as a toddler, a preschooler, a teenager, a man, I envision someone with the same mix of easygoing and fiery that you are, now.

You love your sister so much that it’s plainly obvious even though you can’t speak yet, and though I don’t think you understand the concept of summer or school breaks I think you’ll be quite pleased to discover that you’ll be spending more time with her, soon. I suspect it’s going to be an exhausting summer for me — and maybe for you, a bit, because she’s not much for letting you nap — but it’s going to be a blast, and it’s going to be right up your social butterfly alley. And I’m totally willing to be tired so that you two can have fun.

As always, you’re the perfect companion for our whole family.



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A at Four Months