InsightSquared Unveils Industry’s Most Complete and Flexible Revenue Intelligence Platform, Now with Conversational Intelligence

BOSTON — SEPT. 21, 2020 — InsightSquared, a leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, today introduced the industry’s most complete Revenue Intelligence Platform—featuring Activity Capture, Guided Selling, Interactive Reports, AI Forecasting, out-of-the-box Dashboards—and now, Conversational Intelligence, adding rich call and video meeting data to the company’s machine learning analytics engine.

The InsightSquared (IS2) Revenue Intelligence Platform was architected from the ground up for scale, security and speed. With customer experience at the forefront, everyday users can add new reports and dashboards, customize forecasts, filter and drill in, all from the user interface, with metrics changing in real-time.

Introducing Advanced Sales Math, Fuel for Proactive Revenue Teams

In addition to the six core solutions available in the Platform, InsightSquared has released its self-serve and machine learning-driven Advanced Sales Math Insights, which identify key inflection points in a customer’s sales cycle where they win or lose deals. The most compelling analytics points to date include:

  • Overall activities that most frequently translate to a win in your business
  • Profile of Sales Inflection Points by customer engagement type
  • Pipeline Health and Risk by segment, rep, team, product, etc
  • Profile of Conversations for winning deals by keywords, competitors, value props, etc
  • Marketing Lead Gen Effectiveness by source, deal type, and segment
  • Benchmark of progression such as number of days between meetings, emails, and calls
  • Benchmark of engagement by executive decision maker within a winning deal

These infection points are defined using IS2’s proprietary context engine to map a company’s actual sales activities, campaign attributions, progression timelines, sales cadences and engagement with historic win rates. Those findings are then aligned with a company’s current funnel to understand the qualitative and quantitative milestones sales reps and managers should prioritize.

“B2B revenue leaders have historically looked at metrics such as sales cycle length, capacity, and funnel coverage as key indicators of confidence at the start of a forecast period. But those fail to take into account the quality and health of the funnel,” said Todd Abbott, CEO of InsightSquared. “With Advanced Sales Math, our machine learning engine mobilizes all your customer engagement data and runs millions of scenarios, evaluating risk, time, engagement and progression—to identify exactly where, how and why you win. These crucial insights are unmatched in the industry and give CROs the knowledge and power to change outcomes.”

Six Integrated Solutions in One Revenue Intelligence Platform

Conversational Intelligence is the latest addition to the InsightSquared portfolio and is available immediately to all InsightSquared Platform customers.

“By combining unfiltered call and meeting intelligence with full-lifecycle activity capture along with robust machine learning, we’re enriching every aspect of the revenue journey, from forecasts to reporting, product roadmaps, marketing campaigns, competitive positioning and more,” said James Davison, chief product officer, InsightSquared. “With six integrated solutions in one, powered by a robust machine learning engine, our customers are reporting significant OPEX savings by consolidating solution providers.”

InsightSquared offers flexible role-based licensing, making it easy and affordable for organizations to standardize their team on a single platform—improving cross-functional decision-making, collaboration and outcomes. Customers can reduce their sales tech stack by 50 percent or more by opting for the InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform featuring:

  • Activity Capture – Automatically capture and log key activity from everyone who touches the deal (all personas, not just reps).
  • Conversational Intelligence – Record, transcribe and analyze every customer call and meeting, then bring the data into machine learning-driven forecast and analytics.
  • Guided Selling – Prompt for missing activity, coach in the moment and flag managers ahead of risk.
  • Interactive Reporting – Validate rep commits with machine learning models; focus funnel reviews, identify risk, prioritize investments.
  • AI Forecasting – Roll up a trusted forecast across your team, support hierarchy, track changes and overrides, and balance human inputs with machine learning-driven Confidence to Close.
  • Dashboards – Report results with out of the box Board-Level real-time dashboards; Easily identify key inflection points where your team wins or loses deals to improve conversion rates.

According to Anthony McPartlin, Principal Analyst at SiriusDecisions “With prospect and customer engagement now limited to digital means for the foreseeable future, it’s imperative that organizations have full transparency and can capture all of these interactions across phone, email and video etc. More importantly they need to analyze engagement effectiveness so that sales teams can maximize these opportunities and the overall organization can deliver more value to buyers and separate themselves from their competitors. In addition, many operations teams that support sales organizations are under budgetary pressure right now and are therefore looking to consolidate their tech stack to drive greater value and efficiency. They’re looking to platforms rather than spot solutions to enable this.”

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To learn more, visit the InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform.

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InsightSquared Unveils Industry’s Most Complete and Flexible Revenue Intelligence Platform, Now with Conversational Intelligence