Melania Is Reportedly Upset That People Love Jill Biden So Much

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Throughout Trump’s second impeachment trial, as hours of air-time were being dedicated to dissecting the former president’s inflamed speech that incited an insurrection on Jan. 6th, not one person has checked in to see if Melania is doing okay. And guys, her feelings are really hurt.

According to a report from CNN, the former first lady is a bit salty over how quickly the public has embraced her successor, Dr. Jill Biden. Trump, who’s been spending her days at a private spa in Mar-A-Lago, has commented on the magazine covers and glowing press coverage the First Lady has gotten in the first few weeks of her husband’s presidency. Multiple sources claim Trump has become “bitter” and acted “chilly” towards her husband over how he chose to leave Washington D.C., saying Melania had intended to attend Biden’s inauguration until Trump tweeted he had no plans to go.

The report also alleges that Trump, who struggled with how to address the events of Jan. 6th because of her husband’s continuing voter fraud campaign, is now regretting not being more open to the press, especially since a recent CNN poll suggested she had the “worst favorability ratings of any modern first lady upon departure from the White House.” In four years, Trump never gave an interview to a major publication. Dr. Biden has done interviews for People magazine, Parents magazine, and appeared in a Super Bowl TV spot with her husband in just a few weeks.

With all the love Dr. Biden seems to be getting from the public, Trump is now questioning her closed-off strategy and, of course, blaming her staff for her low ratings. “That seems unfair, but typical to blame everyone else,” one source commented. “Everyone knows Melania Trump does what she wants when she wants, and not one staffer on her team could have done anything to change that.”

This whole “caring what people think” mindset feels like a total 180 from the former first lady, especially since she once expressed her disdain for people’s opinions with a truly hideous fashion choice.

Thoughts and prayers to Melania, but has anyone checked in on the jacket? That’s the real question here.

Melania Is Reportedly Upset That People Love Jill Biden So Much