Madison Seminary Ghost Investigation (Part II – Bouncy Floors and Blair Witch)

This is the second part of my night at Madison Seminary.



There is a room that my group of friends nicknamed the bouncy floor or bouncy castle room. According to our tour guide there is a (currently) unsubstantiated story that a woman was murdered in the building, and buried under the floor in this room. We called it the bouncy floor because the ground didn’t seem right, like it was soft and bouncy, meaning this in an energetic sense. It was odd to try to ground through, it felt like being on the second floor of a building, despite the fact we were half underground. We came back to this room later as a group, with a sleeping bag. One of us laid on the ground, supposedly where the body was buried, and we tried talking with the ghosts. Surprisingly we were getting flashes of both the victim, and the murderer. We asked questions, and dialogued with the spirits, occasionally get answers and talking out. From what we could get from this encounter the young woman was murdered, it seems like she was raped by someone who worked in the building, at what point in the history it was hard to say. She was pushed down the stairs in an attempt to shut her up, and prevent her pregnancy from being discovered. It didn’t work and she was strangled. That all came through fairly clearly, and was corroborated by local legend at least. But when someone asked about her being buried in that room she said to me “You won’t find me” and I got a strong flash of a tree in the backyard of the property, where she was actually buried. Unfortunately there is no evidence for that one way or another, but talking with a psychic friend who had also investigated there, she mentioned the perception that someone was buried out back under a tree. There is no evidence for this as of yet, but was interesting that we picked up the same thing independently.


We continued the tour, it’s a rather large, four storey building. The second floor was just permeated with general creep and ick, but I honestly got very little distinct, flashes of those little astral remora, dark quick shadowy parasites. Nothing major or immediately dangerous, but a lot of them. It was on the third floor that I really started picking stuff up, I don’t know if it is more active, or I was opening up more, but I started getting more distinct impressions. Children, lots of children, mostly scared, a few brave enough to try to observe us, a creepy shadow figure who I think was also the murderer from the bouncy room. He was a custodian at some point in the building’s history. He was odd though, because he felt “blurry”. It sounds odd (cause the rest of this post is normal as can be) but I almost feel like there is a shared “ghost” in the build among a few identities. I think the doctor (yet to come), the custodian, and the murderer, were all separate people in life, but in death the line between their spirits has become blurry somehow, almost like they’re becoming one, either by nature of having a resonance, or possibly by design of one of them.


The old woman was growing stronger in my mind, but we still haven’t actually encountered each other. We get into this one room, they call “The Blair Witch Room” because it has this strange wooden frame in it that reminded them of the movie. Now Madison is a horseshoe shape, and this room was on the far end, and had windows facing into the horseshoe. While in this room I “hear” a squeaking noise, like a squeaky wheel, and I look out the window, across the courtyard to the other side of the horseshoe. Then up one floor, there is a low window, and I finally see her. The old babbling woman, she is waving at me across the courtyard…but she seems to be unaware of it or doing it oddly. It’s hard to describe, she was clearly waving to get my attention but…it was almost like she didn’t understand how to wave or why it would get my attention. I also got the sense of a strong sharp impact on the top right side of her head, like an impact, tight and strong, my first thought was hit with a hammer.


I mention this to the one tour guide, just asking if other people have seen that, and she smiles telling me to ask the other tour guide. This was both a hit and a miss. While no one has ever really mentioned seeing her wave from that window (facing into the horseshoe), when the fourth floor was an asylum and for the worst medical cases, the women often sat in the front windows facing out of the centre of the horseshoe, waving at people on the street, and some have been seen to continue that in death.

Madison Seminary Ghost Investigation (Part II – Bouncy Floors and Blair Witch)