Bam Margera Was Reportedly Kicked Off Jackass 4 For Breaking His Contract

Jackass 4 has reportedly dropped Bam Margera from the sequel for good.

Last week, the former professional skateboarder released a video on his Instagram account accusing Paramount of mistreatment on set and blasting the studio’s decision to remove him from the project. Visibly inebriated, the daredevil, who’s appeared in all previous films in the series and is considered a key member of the central cast consisting of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man Acuna, Chris Pontius and several others, specifically named longtime collaborator and director Jeff Tremaine for betraying his trust and subsequently asked fans for money, believing he could put the funds towards making a competing movie.

The validity of the comments made during Margera’s outburst, which can only be described as distressing, have yet to be corroborated by Paramount, but TMZ now claims to have been informed by several individuals that he has indeed been permanently removed from the pic.


According to the site’s sources, Margera’s Jackass family had always intended for him to be involved in the fourth installment but had voiced concerns over his ability to remain sober, following a lengthy and well-documented history with alcohol and substance abuse. While both of these had been issues for several years prior to his best friend Ryan Dunn’s death in a car accident, the latter’s passing is believed to have further exacerbated his addictions.

Ultimately, the frequent drug and urine tests, adherence to medication, rehab attendance and other prerequisites mandated by Paramount proved to be too much and while it’s not clear which of these Margera failed to follow, the breaking of the stringent rules put in place are what resulted in him being terminated. Is there any way back for Bam now? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Jackass 4 is currently in production and due to release later this year.

Bam Margera Was Reportedly Kicked Off Jackass 4 For Breaking His Contract