10 Alternatives to Toilet Paper During a Crisis

Are you one of the lucky millions that is left without a massive toilet paper stockpile during the Coronavirus crisis of 2020?

Well, we have you covered, or at least your undercarriage issues with these 10 Alternatives to Toilet Paper in a Crisis

Why is Toilet Paper Sold Out?

Why is toilet paper sold out and a hot commodity during Coronavirus COVID-19? 

During the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, that originated in late 2019 (official name of COVID-19), there has been a mass run on toilet paper and a mass shortage of toilet paper in the United States. 

At first glance, this is a baffling scenario. How does toilet paper help with preventing or protecting from Coronavirus? Even before the United States had been hit hard with the COVID-19 outbreak, people rushed to the stores (especially Costco) and raided the TP aisle and cleared the shelves in just a matter of a couple of days. 

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But why? WHY are people stocking up on toilet paper during a virus outbreak? It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but let us break down why this is happening. 

1. The hoarding started in China first. Before the US was hit, we were first hit with China’s example of hoarding toilet paper, already placing many Americans in a confused, but sheepish state where many just followed the example blindly…because, whelp, there must be a good reason why those in China were hoarding! 

2. People are worried the stores will run out after, so why not stock up for a year? 

3. People are worried the stores will be closed. Whether the store closes voluntarily or due to a required quarantine, running out of toilet paper is a basic hygiene nightmare. 

4. People are quarantining themselves. If you aren’t planning to leave your home for a couple of weeks, toilet paper is the one thing you don’t want to run out of. 

5. China manufacturers some of the world’s toilet paper supply and so many are worried that there will be a shortage due to the lack of manufacturing in China right now. 

6. Monkey see – monkey do. This is perhaps the #1 reason. People in the prepper states like Utah started clearing shelves and then posting on social media, where it went viral and spread from there. So the scarcity and “fear of loss” set in with people nationwide and for some “in the back of their minds” nagging reason, had to get in on the action too.

So if you are like any of the millions left without toilet paper, you may be wondering what your options are at this point. We actually sat down as a family and had a family meeting about rationing our toilet paper and what we are possibly going to need to do in order to make it through the The Great Toilet Paper Apocalypse.

Many of these ideas have come from our kids. But we have also heard from some readers as well and their great ideas! So check out the 12 Alternatives to Toilet Paper in a Crisis. 

Quick summary of these ideas to share on social media and help your neighbors out!

12 Alternatives to Toilet Paper

We are here to give you 12 alternatives to the toilet paper shortage

1. Use any napkins or paper towels and practice what they already do in much of Europe and wipe and throw away. Don’t flush paper towels or napkins, but this is probably the easiest and most logical solution. So whether you rummage through your home and find a supply of unused paper products, or buy online or find in any stores, this is a great solution and do like the Europeans do = wipe and toss! 

2. Get a supply of flushable wipes to last for 3 weeks. As of the writing of this article, there were still several sources of flushable wipes available on the store shelves and even on Amazon. One of the writers here at PreventCoronavirusInfo.com even ordered a case from Amazon last night, and they arrived at her door today. 

3. Use baby wipes and wipe and toss! Similar to the paper towels/napkin option or even the flushable option. Just don’t flush them! We had a few packs left over from our diaper days that we can use to get through. If you don’t have any and you see any at the stores, please only grab one pack and what you will need temporarily. No need to hoard, toilet paper will be coming back soon!

4. Make reusable toilet paper. It sounds gross, but toilet paper wasn’t invented until 1857. So just what did people do for thousands of years before that? Perhaps they had resusable!  Making your own is seriously a viable option in a crisis. What’s the alternative. If you don’t have toilet paper or paper towels or flushable wipes, this may be your next best step. Make them, use them,  wash them, reuse them. Here’s a video we found on how to make them. 

5. Use socks. Find all of those lone and alone socks and make a new match with the rear end! Seriously! Cut them in half, use them, wash them, reuse them and when this crisis is over, you will finally feel free to toss them once and for all because they completed their end of life duty. Socks are quite absorbent and soft. So it really could work well – but I haven’t tried it yet! This idea was direct from our 13 year old son! It was pretty smart thinking if you ask us!

6. Get on a subscription service with Amazon. Amazon is currently out. But if you add your TP to a Subscribe and Save list for the next available delivery, perhaps you can make it through with one of the above 5 ideas before they get there. 

7. Get a bidet. Let’s finally do like the French (have they had a toilet paper shortage?) and use some water pressure to clean up! It’s a good time and excuse to finally come up to speed on this high tech hygiene option by installing a bidet.

8. Use old t-shirts and rags. Cut squares or strips and you can reuse them by washing or you can just toss them if you have enough to get you through.

9. Use that baby birthing squirt bottle = cheap, homemade-ish version of a bidet and if you have had a baby recently, you probably have one!

10. Forage for foliage – but be aware of what you should look for so you are not in more pain! In fact, here’s the guide on some of the best foliage to forage:

Guide on how to use leaves as toilet paper from Standard.UK

What ideas do you have as an alternative to toilet paper? 

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on this topic!

Finally, as we are all trying to make the best out of a weird and crazy situation, consider commemorating your experience with the Toilet Paper crisis with a mug or a t-shirt!

10 Alternatives to Toilet Paper During a Crisis