Waves of Waffles

Waves of Waffle Weave yardage
The color here is far from accurate, check the next photo for a better idea.
Waffle Weave with plain weave, Detail
The color here shows a bit better

This waffle yardage was the next project after Ketchup & Mustard. The draft works well and is satisfying to weave so I simply wanted to continue with more of the same.

Lately, making use of yarns already on hand has been a recurring theme among my weaving friends. Collecting yarn is easier than weaving with it and we are mostly of “a certain age”. Also, sadly, the members of our guild are aging and leaving yarns for us to weave in their honor.

Here I chose 16/2 dark teal green cotton, combining it with 20/2 black perle cotton and a 20/2 cotton variegated yarn. The teal colored yarn came from the estate of Lynn, a late guild member. She will not be soon forgotten.

The woven piece is yardage. Happily, I used a lot of yarn to weave it. Now what have I been mentioning about getting around to sewing?

Precious youngest grandson
giving his Wee Pinetree Coverlet a workout
My youngest grandchild loves his Wee Pinetree Coverlet. Today his dear mother took this snapshot while he napped. Precious child, precious mother . . .

Christmas is nipping at our heels and there is still much to be done. I have been busy weaving Cottolin towels. Yet, there are warps between the waffles and the towels. After I take photos I’ll write about my adventures with Taqueté and Samitum.

Merry Christmas!

Warp On/Weave Off,

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Waves of Waffles