Jarod Nandin ‘The South Park Cosplayer’ Dies Of COVID-19

Jarod Nandin, known as the South Park cosplayer and NWBZPWNR by the World of Warcraft community, has died after contracting coronavirus.

He first revealed to friends and family on Twitter on December 28 that he had fallen ill. After testing positive with the virus, he sadly passed away a few days later.

Nandin rose to fame in the community during BlizzCon 2013, when he cosplayed as the World of Warcraft gamer from season 10 of South Park, in the episode Make Love Not Warcraft, who would often cheat and act aggressively towards new players.

Arriving at BlizzCon in cosplay, Nandin quickly became synonymous as the ‘South Park Guy’, even shaving his head to look like the character.

In an interview with LA Weekly in 2014, Nandin said the reception he received from his cosplay blew him away.

‘I thought if I took that character and made him human, meaning if I portrayed him, it would just be hilarious,’ he said.

Nandin said he we was s touched when he heard he had inspired people who were overweight, or for another reason hadn’t previously thought they could take part in conventions.

‘This kind of gave them the courage or the understanding that it was okay for them, that there were possibilities. It blew me away.’

He also had a few words for those who sent him hate online: ‘You’re wasting your life by being vicious.’

He added: ‘You’re just a sack of flesh on a gravity rock hurling through space like the rest of us. You’re only weighing us down by being like that.’

Tributes online have been pouring in for Nandin since the news of his passing.

One user wrote: ‘I hope when you look up Jarod, and see how special he his, how many lives he touched, how kind and wonderful a soul he was, you mourn him with us. I also hope this reminds you that people can be taken from us LIKE THAT, and to be mindful that you can do your part by STAYING HOME.’

Another said: ‘The Blizzcon Cosplay community lost a friend to COVID today. Jarod Nandin was best known for his cosplay of The Warcraft South Park Guy but he was also an advocate for cosplay positivity and encouraged people to cosplay whatever they want. He will be missed.’

‘Rip to Jarod Nandin, a World of Warcraft and South Park icon, who lost his life to COVID. May he roam Azeroth forever,’ another said.

Rest in peace, Jarod.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.

Source: unilad.co.uk

Jarod Nandin ‘The South Park Cosplayer’ Dies Of COVID-19