Podah Mahathir, we are sick of you - scat!


'Don't think you are indispensable because you're not'

YOURSAY | 'Does Mahathir think that other than him no one is capable of managing Malaysia?'

Mahathir reconsiders decision not to contest in next GE

IndigoTrout2522: It is difficult to understand the state of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s mind at this age. Are power and position so important to him?

A good and self-confident leader would take pride in grooming and trusting younger people to take over. The problem is Mahathir is unable to work with anyone nor trust anyone. He has too much ego and it is always his way or the highway.

None of his deputy prime ministers could work with him. When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Abdul Razak would not follow his orders, he undermined them. He did the same to Anwar Ibrahim. Does he understand that Malaysia could still move on without him?

The rakyat would really want to remember him as a great statesman as he already had served 24 years as prime minister, even with mixed and conflicting results. Instead, he keeps criticising all these people who had worked with and for him. They were not perfect, but neither was Mahathir.

He was rejected by Umno, then by Umno Baru, then Bersatu and now he is forming Pejuang. Isn’t he tired of all these politics? Even if he is not, I think the rakyat are tired of him.

Capo: Mahathir, if you had been fighting corruption from 1981 to 2020, we would not have seen any mega scandals and forex (foreign exchange) losses amounting to billions and billions of ringgit.

If you had been fighting corruption, Najib, your protege, would not have dared to even start the 1MDB scandal.

If you had been fighting corruption, the anti-hopping law would be in place today and the Pakatan Harapan government would still be in power.

And if you were a man of honour, you would have passed the premiership baton to Anwar as agreed. The electorate despises you for stealing their mandate and betraying them.

BlueShark1548: Mahathir has contempt for our nation. He resigned as PM when there was no need to do so. No one had the votes to move a motion of no-confidence against him when Harapan stood with him. He resigned even though the Yang di-Pertuan Agong advised him not to.

Now he wants to contest the next election, at 96 years old? Does Mahathir think that other than him no one is capable of managing Malaysia?

The country is going down the slope of Third World countries, where dictators rule and there are no morals, integrity, law and order, justice and judicial independence. Corruption and abuse of powers are back and educational standards are dropping.

Young politicians dare not push those in their 70s and above out of office. They are ‘cari makan’ politicians who have no vision for the nation and rakyat.

Bobby0: Well, as they say, it’s a free world. Any Malaysian can partake in the elections. Mahathir has his rights as a citizen.

There are only two facts that he has to face. First, he had been rejected by the Malaysians for the part he played in the Sheraton Move. Second, he denied Anwar the position of PM even after promising to honour his words.

By these two actions, the people now have completely lost trust and respect for him.

The Malaysian: Haven’t you done enough damage, Mahathir? Maruah mesti ada lah (You should have some pride). We have had enough of you.

No one is like you who possesses a perfected deception skill. By your own master strokes over the last six decades, you personally educated and groomed the current bunch of crooks in government whose greed knows no bounds.

You previously had been, were and today still are, the enabler of corruption and racial divide in Malaysia.

Anwar is so unlike you that you simply cannot stand it. In Anwar, we believe. Unlike you, Anwar has humility and genuine love for the country. He respects all people and to top it all, when he speaks about ‘maruah’ it makes sense. When you speak about ‘maruah’, it is without meaning.

Enough lah, Mahathir.

Undecided: I believe most thinking individuals who do not benefit from Mahathir's policies have already concluded that he is largely responsible for the current political uncertainty in Malaysia.

He may not realise it, but most who were supportive of him in the 14th general election have already given up on him.

Mahathir talks about principles. However, the most important principle, which is to treat the country's citizens equally, is not in him as a leader, even today.

This is due to his stubborn need to continue to promote a Malay bourgeois class. On that alone, he is no longer relevant to move the country forward.

BluePanther4725: At the age of 95 now, Mahathir still wants to harm Malaysia. Mahathir wanted to contest so that he can still be corrupt and destroy our country. What a greedy and selfish old man.

Go and contest and let us have the satisfaction to see this traitor lose. I don't know who his supporters are, but it's definitely not the people of Malaysia.

Masul: Let us not look at personalities. We want someone to lead this country that is full of integrity, physical and mental strengths.

If Mahathir doesn't have the physical strength, he should withdraw, no matter what his supporters say. And his supporters should understand this.

From there onwards, we can make our selection based on these criteria. And without much homework, we can easily weed out those leaders from our list. They are too obvious for us to close our eyes, unless we are "blind".

Asitis: He always says "some supporters" want him to come back. But who are these supporters? He never says. It is more likely an excuse he cooked up for changing his mind.

Salvage Malaysia: It’s your prerogative Mahathir, whether you still want to contest or not. And it’s the voters’ prerogative whether they will vote you back in or send you back to permanent retirement.

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Podah Mahathir, we are sick of you - scat!