5 Valuable Lessons Event Professionals Learned in 2019

event professionalsMeeting and event professionals gained a ton of insights in 2019. We countdown the favorites over the past year and how they can help your event move forward.

From examining different options to spatial design, from social media to the over-50 crowd, there was a lot of accessible content that event professionals found helpful.

Below are five articles from the Experient blog that were most popular.

While we give you the highlights for each, be sure to check out ones you might not have seen before or could use a refresher. 

attendees5. When Attendees Have Options, Why Should They Choose You?

The chances are good that your event is not the only one of its kind. That means your potential attendees may have to pick your event or another, which also means someone wins and someone loses.

So how do you come out on top?

  • Take advantage of the people in the same backyard as your host city. They may not have thought about you before you came to town.
  • Deliver on your promises. Attendees who feel swindled when they go to a session and don’t get what they hoped are not happy and less likely to return.
  • Don’t bank on big names. A-List celebrities seem like great marketing, but if they don’t provide value, are they worth the cost?

It all comes down to this for event professionals: if your attendees must choose, why should they pick you?

4. The Evolution of Event Spatial Design

The time of setting up cheap, uncomfortable chairs in a square pattern has ended. Long live the revolutionary vision of event spatial design.

Experience design isn’t merely what your event content is about or how people consume it; it’s now a matter of layout, interior design, and finding the perfect mix of practicality and fashion.

What does this look like?

  • Guests want experiences that will enrich their lives. They’re becoming more sophisticated, and their expectations for design are increasing.
  • Creativity can present challenges. Understand what you want, how to achieve it best, and build new, inventive designs around these principles.
  • Comfort and control for guests are crucial to event spatial design. Whether it’s using sections, color schemes, seating arrangements, etc., providing a design experience that reduces stress is essential.

The evolution of event spatial design is only just beginning as it moves meetings and events into the future.

3. 3 Tips to Boost Your Event Content on Social Media

Merely putting a Millennial in charge of your social media channels won’t drive engagement. It would help if you had smart strategies in place to boost your content and entice your specific audience.

What should that strategy include?

  • Be human. Keep value, customization, and variety at the top of your list. Content that provides your audience value and entertainment can keep guests engaged.
  • Social media is supposed to be social! Try new things that will make your audience feel closer to the experience or that they may miss by just attending the show.
  • Be consistent with your content strategy. Keep your brand identity moving forward in your content and make it memorable.

Use social media to enhance your brand and event experience.

meeting and event manager2. Crazy and Fulfilling: The Life of a Meeting and Event Manager

It’s no secret that the life of a meeting and event manager is stressful and challenging. But for all the frustration and aggravation it can cause, it can also be one of the most rewarding career paths you could imagine.

Mandy Gregan, CMP, walks us through her daily life and what it’s like to manage meetings and events year-round.

So, what are her takeaways?

  • When you’re not traveling, it’s all about keeping up with the next meeting, managing minor details. Even the “low-key” days in the office can offer something new and unexpected.
  • Onsite days are enjoyable and exhausting. From day one, they hit the ground, running to produce a flawless event. Even when things don’t go to plan, it’s about solving problems and making the client feel taken care of.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even when something seems like an emergency, it all works out in the end. Every day is a new challenge.

Do you have what it takes to be a meeting and event manager?

1. Why the Over-50 Crowd Still Matters for Events

Have you noticed a demographic shift happening at professional conferences? You might not think the over-50 crowd still matters for events anymore.

Oh, but they do.

It’s best not to forget this vital segment of “seasoned professionals” who have a lot to offer but are becoming ignored.

How do we keep them involved and feeling valued?

  • As people live longer, they’re working longer too. This is an exciting new life stage for many older generations, and utilizing their experience and desire to keep moving forward can benefit events.
  • Even if they’re not full-time employees, retirees are still finding new ways to keep busy as consultants and other helpful gigs. Your event can use that as a networking and learning opportunity to move toward future prosperity.
  • Yes, Millennials still matter. Pairing the older event professionals with the younger at events can create incredible new learning opportunities for both sides.

Imagine the introductions your Modern Elder attendees might make to contacts in a network that’s been carefully culled for decades.

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5 Valuable Lessons Event Professionals Learned in 2019