Two Sewing Patterns In One Handmade Dress

viscose animal print

When I was a teenager, I had a white cotton drop-waist dress. God, I loved that dress. And now I love this one almost as much.

It’s a hack, inspired by Lisa Comfort’s recent vlog where she shared a hack of the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress to make a maxi dress. Mind. Blown! So simple, so inspiring. And I had exactly the right fabric waiting to be pressed.

It’s an animal print viscose from – you guessed it – TMOS. It’s super cheap and so lovely to work with. There’s still some on a roll, so canter down to Walthamstow market, like the eager sewing unicorns I know you are!

I didn’t exactly copy Lisa’s version. Mine isn’t quite a maxi dress. I paired the Shift Dress bodice and the Myosotis Dress skirt, thereby combining two of my favourite patterns. Done!

Myosotis Shift Dress

I’ll be wearing this dress to death, I can tell. Have you done any hacking lately?

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Two Sewing Patterns In One Handmade Dress