Defensive Driving: Why Everyone Should Practice It

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Until we have a world full of driverless, electric cars, stay safe on the road, especially in the Middle East where drifting is a sport.

Every year, thousands of vehicular accidents happen in the state of Illinois, many of them could have been avoided. One example is when you’re in a situation where a driver has rear-ended your car. This could have been avoided if you and/or the car behind you has left enough space between you and the car in front. This way the sudden stop would have given both of you the option to move away or has allowed you some space to have a gradual stop.

Defensive driving is described as the practice that drivers should take in order to minimize the dangers associated with driving. These techniques are centered on avoiding collisions, or any untoward incidents. It prioritizes safety, which saves lives and costs can also help in car maintenance and reduces fuel consumption.

Here are reasons why you should practice defensive driving:

Legal Implications

When you follow all of the safety precautions and guidelines but still fall victim to an incident because the other driver is haphazardly taking over the road, you can be entitled to compensation and other fees. Legal recourse will be, more often than not, favorable to you in this situation, but Malman Law believes if you’re injured in an accident, having a knowledgeable lawyer to represent you will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. You will also have to gather information, seek medical attention, and avoid talking to insurance providers.

Being Aggressive and Distracted Causes Harm

Over a third of accidents are caused by aggressive drivers, the numbers for inattentive or distracted drivers are also high. Being emotionally unstable or mentally impaired while driving will cause you to do unsafe practices that could very well lead to accidents. Also, doing other things while driving limits your ability to react and to make the right decisions in a split second. So avoid texting, reading emails, or watching TV while you’re on the wheel.


Defensive driving focuses on your awareness as well as keeping other drivers aware of your intentions through signaling. Being aware of potential hazards and taking measures in advance to avoid them is the key to defensive driving. You should always scan your mirrors, lower the volume of your stereo, and look beyond the car that’s in front of you to help you be aware of hazards before it’s too late. 

Reaction Time

Being able to stay alert and react immediately to dangers is one reason why safe driving techniques should be followed. If you’re driving too fast or too close to the car in front as mentioned in the example above will not give you enough time and space to react when you suddenly need to stop. Furthermore, driving while intoxicated or sleep-deprived is also as dangerous because your body won’t be able to respond on time when you need to.

Getting There safely

Driving defensively because we all want to get home safe and sound. You, the people crossing the pedestrian and sidewalks, and many of the drivers you see on the road have a family waiting for them to get home. We must do our part that we all get home safely to our loved ones.

Driving on public roads is a privilege and there’s no other way of driving other than doing it defensively. Saving lives, money, and headache can be largely attributed to safe driving practices. For this to be effective, everyone must follow these practices because we all one to get to our destination in one piece.

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Defensive Driving: Why Everyone Should Practice It