A New Distraction + Weekend Things

You know, it had been far too long since I last broke out my adult coloring book. To be honest, I had totally forgotten that I even still had one up until a few days ago, when I found it while searching for some coloring books for Alex. I mean, now is as good a time as any to break this bad boy out, right?

A little coloring + wine truly is a great stress reliever for me. And it came at a perfect time last week, after hearing the news that the NY shutdown is now extended through at least May 15th. Ugh.

I’ve actually been struggling with finding the right balance of reading/watching the news lately. I try to stay informed. I WANT to stay informed. But then I find myself going down rabbit holes of articles or comments on posts. I gain hope, and then I lose it just as quickly as it came on, and I just wind up 100x more stressed than I was before I read anything. And not only that, but the boys also notice when I (or we) am on the phone too much (“Mom, if we can’t do electronics, why can you?!” … OOOF.) so, yeah.

I think in an effort to not let myself get too locked into reading news on my phone or computer, I’m going to try to allow myself a certain (smaller) amount of time each day, and then turn to my coloring book (or something else) whenever the itch to read more kicks in. Good in theory, we’ll see how it pans out. But I’m trying!

ANYwayyyy…how are all of YOU doing? Hangin’ in there?

We woke up to a totally rude coating of snow on Saturday morning, and the weather was just cold and not cool.

But it DID allow us to really get some things done inside the house that have been on my to-do list. I got some cleaning done, caught up on laundry, organized in the boys’ rooms a bit, and even did a little baking.

Yes, yes. Lemme tell ya about this thing. I pinned this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and even made sure to grab all of the ingredients for it last week. So since we were stuck inside anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to make it.

Cookies, sweet cream cheese, pudding, Heath (I added that myself)…it was one big, delicious sugar rush. And since it made so much, I also had the boys run and do a couple of front porch drop offs to some neighbors, since I definitely didn’t need to be eating that whole pan!

To balance out the sweetness, we did wind up cooking one of our favorite chicken dishes for dinner on Saturday night.

This Balsamic Baked Chicken with Balsamic Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese is one of the best baked chicken recipes we’ve ever come across. If you’re a big tomato and/or balsamic fan, I 100% recommend bookmarking this one and giving it a try! To go along with the chicken, I cut up a few red potatoes that I found lying around our pantry and popped them in the air fryer to get nice and crispy. It was amazing.

And speaking of amazing…seeing that crap snow from Saturday quickly melt away to allow for an al fresco lunch on Sunday sure was!

The boys have been asking for “snacky lunches” in their lunchboxes (which we love!) multiple times a week, and I actually really enjoy putting them together. It’s a good opportunity to give them a little bit of everything!

Well, friends, here’s hoping for a good, positive week ahead for all of us. I’ll check in again soon <3

A New Distraction + Weekend Things