YFP 133: Your Financial Toolkit for a Successful 2020

Your Financial Toolkit for a Successful 2020

On the first episode of the New Year, Tim Ulbrich talks about 5 ways you can accelerate your financial plan in 2020. This episode is full of resources you can use to put these ideas into action. 


Tim Ulbrich shares five tangible ways you can crush 2020 in this week’s episode. 

1. Get Clearer on the So What

Getting clearer on the “so what” pushes you to dig deeper into finding your why. Why are you focusing on your financial plan or financial goals for 2020? Is it because you are wanting to create flexibility in your job or time? Are you wanting to radically give? Are you hoping to have more control or choice in your life? 

2. Build or Modify the Road Map to Achieve Your Goals

When you are clear on your purpose, it’s time to put your plan in place. Without a monthly plan, it’s easy to find yourself in a position where your financial plan is happening to you rather than the other way around. Creating a plan and executing your budget are key. 

3. Get a Side Hustle off the Ground

Having a side hustle isn’t only a way to bring in additional income to accelerate your financial goals, but it also allows you to fill the creative expression you might be craving. Plus, it can also satisfy that entrepreneurial itch you may have! If you have an idea in place, what barriers are you facing on taking it to the next level? If you don’t have any ideas on what your side hustle could be, what’s one next step you can take to figure it out?

4. Set One Stretch Goal for 2020

A stretch goal is one that seems out of reach, but you’d absolutely love it if you could achieve it. These types of goals allow you to think beyond what’s possible. Set one big, audacious stretch goal for 2020 and focus on visualizing it into action.

5. Get a Coach

The value of a financial planner isn’t in choosing the right investments or allowing you to have the best return as you can ultimately learn anything online now. Instead, a financial planner carries the most value as being your accountability partner and coach. They help to see the bigger picture of what you’re wanting to achieve and help get you there. 

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YFP 133: Your Financial Toolkit for a Successful 2020